Love and Relationships

What does Honoring your Partner mean?

If you are in a committed relationship or looking to build a committed relationship, when you have your definition of the behaviors, thoughts, feelings and attitudes required to honor someone’s journey – then you can actually attract and build on that personal definition.
What does “honor your partner” mean to you?
The marriage vows of ‘love, honor and obey’ […]

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Balancing your needs with your partner’s needs

If you are in a committed relationship, you often fall into habits or conditioned responses of expecting your partner to sacrifice their needs for what you want – or vice versa!

The video shares how we have adopted sacrificing our needs or expecting our partner to do what we want – often from watching our parents.
However, […]

How do you add value to those you love?

Giving love and being loved is a basic human need.

How do you give to others? And how do you receive affection – or go looking for it.

Humans are naturally programmed to give affection or give of their heart – we can see that through children. But as we grow up – some times the […]

Shame of being Unlovable

Underneath shame is the story that you are not lovable – enough.
This story of shame and not being lovable is held in our sense of self and image of our body.
And it becomes stored in the layers of our body and actually stops us from sharing our body freely. Shame literally gets programmed into the […]

How can you invite unconditional love into your relationship?

If it’s not about being perfect – what is unconditional love?
Humans weren’t designed to be perfect!
Could there be a clue in our imperfections that lead us to find….
unconditional love?

Explore this possibility with some humor…and you could find a whole new way of enjoying
what your momma and the universe gave ya!

Join me August 19 2017 […]

Taking Risks in Love – what are we afraid of?

People are more afraid to step into commitment these days because they want to have guarantees that they won’t get hurt – or that the relationship will last.

However, if we look at what we are afraid of and the steps required to address those fears – we could actually go deeper in relationships.

This videos looks […]

3 Ways to Move on from Toxic Relationships

Hear the part of you that is crazy, repetitive and destructive

Don’t keep pushing your crap under the carpet.

Half the time we live in agony because we are fearful of facing our doo-doo and think somehow if we avoid it – it will go away – it won’t.

When you accept your mess without trying […]

Passion in a Relationship – Its Importance

What puts a dampener on your relationship? Nothing is worse than feeling “here we go again”, feeling the relationship is going over the same territory without a way out.

A lot of us can’t find joy in our partner because we become comfortable with routine and then we get dissatisfied with that routine as if […]

Why is it hard to talk about intimacy?

Why is it hard to talk about intimacy?
Very few of us agree on what intimacy actually means. What comes to mind when you think of intimacy? For some it’s a sexual closeness, for others it’s sharing emotionally and for others it’s a sense of feeling safe with someone. Intimacy is hard to talk about […]

When your partner can’t hear your emotions

In my family I was the black sheep, the odd one out and they didn’t understand me, I used to question why they thought the way they did. They said I was too sensitive. I was too vulnerable. I used to talk to myself but somehow I knew this behavior wasn’t acceptable to others, […]