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My partner says I’m selfish

Gina answers your love questions:
What do you do if your partner believes you’re selfish and won’t let go of that perception of you – no matter what you do, say or try??
Very good question!!

The question is why is the partner’s perception that “this individual” is selfish?

What has caused this thought pattern and made it […]

How Loving Bodies make Love

The mystery of love is simpler if you experience a body feeling totally safe and sensually aroused with pure joy. When a body is a loving body, there is the physical sensing of whether there is trust with a person and their touch. Trust is more than a verbal or emotional agreement. Trust is […]

Communicating love without the mixed messages

Gina answers your love questions:
How do we communicate our intentions of love & make sure they are received with the intention we “EXPECT”

My answer is actually very simple… you see LOVE is SIMPLE, so easy and wonderful and LOVE BEGINS WITH YOU!!!

Every relationship improves when you love yourself and LIVE with the awareness of […]

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The most important gift for your love

“What is the most important thing to give your loved ones this year?
The Gift of LOVE, is THE most PRECIOUS GIFT OF ALL!!

Love can be seen or defined in many different ways…

Love… the feeling of complete connection, unconditional acceptance, total giving of self…

This is MY definition of love.

What an amazing Gift to give your […]

Can Dance Improve Our Relationships?

There is a universal language of touch and non-verbal communication that is explored through creative dance. Dance satisfies the senses through movement, play with the body and play with others.  What I found is that neglected children display sensory seeking behaviors. Why is a child starved of human affection, touch and positive attention so […]