Movement Meditation ~ Align with Joy Nov 25 2018 3-4.30pm in Tamarama Park, 

Tamarama Marine Drive Tamarama, NSW 2026 Australia

A FREE Event! Register on Eventbrite HERE

If you couldn’t make the last Movement Mediations in May – make sure you save the date for Nov 25!

I’m so happy to share these special moments in the outdoor areas of sydney that is such a beautiful way to connect to ourselves – and this city.

When I’m away in Paris for 5 months, I’ll be hosting movement meditations there as well – so we can connect the movement all over the world.

In the November 25 Event as we move into SPRING we can discover what we want to open to – and how to align our energy so we can flow with the changes in the seasons and our lives.

Joy does not mean the same thing for everyone – so what does it mean for you? The more you understand your energy, the more you can naturally align to what brings you joy.

These classes show you what your energy is – and how to dance with your energy so you gain confidence in knowing how you are connected to yourself and every-thing in your environment.

There will be humour and light-heartedness as we learn how to balance what we are bringing into our lives with your body’s innate wisdom of how to flow with all life.



Healing with your Mother and Father Process

Mill Hill Community Centre Meeting Room 2 | 31-33 Spring Street | Bondi Junction, NSW 2026 | Australia

Monday, December 3, 2018 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM (AEDT)

A Special event to clear out the “emotional baggage” before the end of year.

This workshop is a special combination of Subconscious Transformation Techniques and the Spiritual Healing Process as inspired by Oneness University and O and O Academy.

All our relationships are affected deeply by our relationship with our mother and father, even when you do not know your actual birth parents.

The process has allowed people to find the way to resolve their relationship with their spouse or partner because they no longer carry the unconscious and subconscious blocks in the relationship with their mother or father and have also gently opened their hearts to a new way of being within themselves.

Please join this opportunity to release old hurts from your relationship and discover how your relationships can be more easy-going, light, free and able to celebrate the best parts of who you are.

It is a deep experiential process, find out more and REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE HERE

or call Angela in Australia on 612 8006 4467