Dance for Joy with Sufi Movement

Discover the mystical arts of meditation, sufi movement, world dance, peak state experiences and develop your connection with the universe.

Amera’s Palace Level 2 314-316 Marrickville Road

Starts JULY 15 2022

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Dance for Joy with Sufi Movement

Welcome states of peace, bliss, connectedness, calm, silence and joy.

This workshop helps you to release stress and suffering and discover simple movement and peak states that build your path to enlightenment.

This 1.5 hour experience starts with 45 minutes of sufi movement as inspired by the late Sufi Master Adnan Sarhan, a combination of yoga with sufi movement which involves movement on the floor or seated on a chair and coming to stand.

Then we move together for the second part of class inspired by middle eastern dance, circle dances of the world and improvised dance to encourage you to connect with your natural energy and your natural peak state.

No dance experience is necessary and suitable for beginners.

Many people take substances to achieve peak states. However, the sufi and mystical practices use breath, movement and music and meditation to induce this state naturally and ultimately achieve enlightened states and for some, enlightenment.

Today in our world, we see a rapid increase in stress, confusion to our purpose for living and a dis-ease with modern life. This class is an antidote to questions of what is the meaning of your life by simply allowing you to feel your inner connection to your personal divine.

There are no questions when you are in the peak state and instead you are given the taste of your natural state where you are able to experience love, connectedness and oneness with all life.

All dancers and non-dancers are welcome. All abilities welcome.

Those who attend who do not dance can also experience the benefit of being in the heightened state of the group.

For ages 16 and up.

Younger children from 12-15 are encouraged to join with an adult.

Listen to what others say who dance with Angela

Click here to listen to Gina (student):

“Best I have encountered!

Makes a real connection to space and all of the Body – how they both move. Energy connection to others and self. I can close my eyes and let my body and the space around me dance together

Thank you so much!” – Bonnie FL

“Wonderful – I gained a whole new insight into my body movement.

Loved concentrating on specific body areas and moving them.

I learned more in this time than in any other class and instruction I have been exposed to in the past.

You are a great teacher – I love your style.”Tara, FL

About Angela Ambrosia

Trained in ten different genres of dance and movement, Angela Ambrosia has devoted her career to transformation through movement. Beginning as an improvisational performer in Australia, she has immersed herself in techniques of movement, meditation and spirit on three continents. She has led workshops in dance, meditation, healing relationships, and sensuality, all of which has come together in Dance for Joy! She has said: “Joy is the essential truth of movement.”

Movement, Meditation and Dance Training

Ki Yoga, Ryoho Yoga School, Sydney 1997-1998

Shamanic Movement, Zsusanna Soboslay: Body Ecology, Sydney, 1995-2004

Sufi Dance, Adnan Sarhan & Sufi Foundation, New Mexico, 1997

Mid Eastern and Belly Dance, Melanie La Joie’s A Magi Dance, Orlando Florida 1998-2007

Dance Therapy & Body Mind Centering, Annetta Luce, Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement and Contemporary Dance, Sydney   2000–2004

Oriental and Mid Eastern Belly Dance Teacher Certification 2005

Shoringiryu Qi Gong Instructor Certification 2009

Salsa & Samba, Latin American Dance Academy, Sydney 2000-2012

Samba Dance, Quenia Ribiero, New York City    2009-2013

Oneness Meditation and Yoga, Oneness University and Ekam 2014 to Present