Energy Body of Self Acceptance

~ An at home program to remove your obstacles to a true deep an abiding love of yourself and others.

This Energy Body program has kinaesthetic tools for you to feel and listen to your body so that you become aware of your inner power to shape your beliefs about yourself.

Put Your Relationship with yourself as a priority and discover a simple energy system with movement and exercises that empower you to accept yourself, overcome old habits and discover what love is that allows self acceptance to happen effortlessly.

If you have struggled with feeling good about yourself, feeling enough and having natural joy in your body its quite likely that you are still operating by neural pathways that have become habitual.

This Program, The Energy Body of Self-Acceptance will give you new practices to feel and engage and explore your body that teach you new habits of self appreciation, self awareness and self expansion. You will learn what it IS to expand your energy and share this with yourself and others.

Be the best version of you!

How can your Energy Body help you become a better version of you?

It helps you get out of your head and comparison – and gets you to feeling internally on your energy – and this is the core being of who you are.

In this Program, you’ll learn the following Life Changing skills:

  • Understand the Higher Principles of Love and Acceptance that work as a guide of Authentic Love from your Higher Self
  • Understand the basics of the Chakras and explore the feeling of the chakras and how to develop a connection with the Chakra to understand your thoughts, feelings, aspirations and fears and how to ‘dance’ with those fears so they increase your self-acceptance
  • Discover how to connect to your higher self and higher mind with guided visualisation and meditation
  • Learn Kinaesthetic awareness and Loving Touch to connect to your body and feel the subtle feelings in your body, open to your heart and develop the expansion of your heart in a gentle and systematic way.
  • Gain the ability to feel your CORE being through simple exercises .
  • Discover ENERGY SCULPTING. ​Body exercise tools will show you how to shape the way you feel about your body by using your hands, imagination, intent and attention to shift your energy and how you look, feel and perceive your body. This skill alone will transform how you attract and maintain your focus on your desired outcomes.
  • Listening to the Body and Feeling deeper into it.
  • Allowing yourself to find natural ways of CONNECTING to your self.
  • Discover what is “BEING”. If you want to know what is your core energy, the Step on BEING explains to you how you already do this but without the proper attention to what you are doing, this aspect of yourself remains undeveloped and un-realised.
  • Understand the role of CHOOSING what you bring awareness and attention to is perhaps the most vital step you can take to manage out of control emotions.
  • Learn how to LOOK at your body with eyes of acceptance, gentleness, curiosity and creativity and find ways to slowly build your sense of BEING and being attractive and insightful.
    Discover the ancient practice of DISCERNMENT that takes you out of being stuck in mind-loops that are useless, hurtful and lead nowhere. This step will give you questions to ask yourself to break destructive habits and give you creative solutions.
  • Learn how to identify yourself as Different to others and create BOUNDARIES that celebrate and Define a clearer sense of what affirms you and what doesn’t.
  • Learn how to INTEGRATE what are core pieces that define who you are and how to feel this internally in the body, heart and mind.
  • Discover how to EMBRACE all parts of yourself to give a sense of continuity to who you are.
  • Learn how to GROW into LOVE and bring more of yourself to Others in relationships through building heart-centered knowing in your BEING.

As you can see, you’ll learn a wealth of new skills that can transform your relationship with yourself and allow you start living in acceptance of who you are with ease and grace.

What You Receive In the Program

The program has a ton of value so that you can rebuild your relationship with yourself. After the 10 Weeks you can review the exercises again to help embrace yourself and practice the art of connecting to your True Self – for the rest of your Life.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Energy Body of Self Acceptance Program


10 Steps over 10 weeks to Build your Connection

Each Step each week helps you build a core connection with yourself and builds with each step more wisdom on how to enhance your awareness and sensitivity to the language of the physical body and the energy body.

Here are the weekly STEPS for you to enhance your body and self awareness skills

  • Step 1 Listening
  • Step 2 Connecting
  • Step 3 Being
  • Step 4 Choosing
  • Step 5 Looking
  • Step 6 Discerning
  • Step 7 Separating
  • Step 8 Integrating
  • Step 9 Embracing
  • Step 10 Growing into Love


3 Pdfs on Higher Principles of Love and Energy Body Basics

These Introduction on the Principles of Self-Acceptance and Love and the Energy Body provide the Core Principles for the 10 Steps.


10 Weekly Workbooks with Practical Exercises

10 INTERACTIVE Workbooks in PDF format called STEPS which has 33 different writing and physical exercises to learn how to feel you and your energy body.


Audio Mp3 Exercises to follow along with your Workbook

31 body embracing meditations & exercises in downloadable Mp3s that go with each of the writing and physical exercises.


An E-Journal in a word document to record your experiences.

With each exercise you can write your experience and build your knowledge of how you tick and how you receive love. This tool will build your foundation of how to understand all you discover throughout the program.

What Does It Cost?

Comparable programs can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

But this Program isn’t anywhere near the cost of a thousands of dollars.
You can have full access to my site with all these
valuable materials, resources, tools for a one time Payment of 

$149 AUD

And start right away!

Isn’t the relationship with yourself worth it?
I’m sure you’ll agree this is a steal for what it can give you in improved self-esteem, self-confidence, empathy building skills and intimacy awareness skills – not to mention the growth you can bring to your relationships.

Take Action Now And Begin To Feel The Acceptance You Deserve!

It’s only a Step away from Receiving the Love you Know is Possible

About Angela

ANGELA AMBROSIA is a certified Master Life and Relationship Coach and Meditation teacher. CMC, CRC, CPC and ICF certified coach.

Her passion is teaching clients how to be in love with who they are and create loving relationships. With twenty five years expertise in dance and healing Angela blends coaching with deep listening to the body, heart and soul so that you know, understand and love your authentic self.

Angela combines creative visualization, listening tools to body, mind and emotions with body and self awareness to teach others how to listen to their body so that we can create new healthy intimacy as well as as model for and teach youth how to handle the body with care, love and joy


You can start having a more loving connection with yourself starting today!

can help to get you there.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to have a harmonious relationship with yourself?

An end to long-standing conflict and resentments could be just a click away.

Take Action Now And Begin To Feel The Acceptance You Deserve!

It’s only a Step away from Receiving the Love you Know is Possible