Dating in Post Covid World – Changing the Rules of Relationships!

Episode 38 Building Better Relationships Podcast

This episode is from the Building Better Relationships Podcast with Angela and Patti which you can listen to by clicking here or on the player.

Today Angela and Patti have a special guest Belle Vivienne from Belle Vivienne Coaching, joining us to discuss dating in the pre and post-covid world and what opportunity there is for love and relationships. Patti, Angela and Belle are 3 life coaches and we share wisdom on dating, how we seek romantic love and build better relationships.

Belle shares her experience in the USA where people during the pandemic are not using dating creatively and using online dating to dump their emotions on potential love interests or their political grief and general angst. During the podcast, Belle shares how important it is to focus on self-healing and not dump your feelings or hurts about past relationships on others and really take a look at yourself and see what needs healing so that you can come to a potential new love interest and online dating with a playful and gracious approach and have more fun!

Patti and Belle and myself are in the 50s age group and all three of us have experienced dating and romance before online dating. We share how both bad and good experiences shape your self-knowledge about what a good ‘fit’ for you in terms of a partner. Patti shares a beautiful description of how she felt when she found her partner about being able to be comfortable with the person in the silences and feeling connected while spending time talking, sharing, and just being with the person.

In the podcast, I share how I was asked by a teenager “what is chemistry?”.

For me, chemistry was something I always felt as a dynamic between myself and others that needed to be experienced and felt and cannot be conceptualized or labelled but I have got deeper understanding of chemistry and the soul purpose of the relationship from experiencing the chemistry within my relationships.

Chemistry is a very personal experience. One of the traps of modern dating both online and offline is that people become obsessed with chemistry and unable to understand how that chemistry can lead to long-term relationships or why that chemistry may not lead to long-term relationships. If chemistry is something that you get obsessed about the podcast can give some more light on how to look at it more objectively and you can listen to Belle’s experience about how chemistry did not lead to long-term relationships and how she came to terms with that.

Belle shared important words about how we need to educate young women to create boundaries around how they share their bodies. The rules for modern dating don’t exist, which leaves women and younger girls especially vulnerable when they share their bodies intimately and don’t understand how this impacts them or their success at creating true loving relationships.

I also share in the podcast how modern relationships no longer are limited by old ideas of women being controlled in the courtship phase of relationships which was part of our culture up until the 1960s and still exists in traditional cultures today. And if women are to have a liberated choice in their love and romantic relationships then they also need empowering boundaries that protect how their body is shared and how they feel about sharing their heart and body.

One reason I teach people how to experience and listen to the body is to create better ways of understanding how to create boundaries that meet your emotional needs and needs of the heart.

If you are in a couple, or single and looking to experience yourself more deeply, you can explore the Movement Meditation classes with Angela where you learn how to know yourself at both the physical and spiritual level and give deeper emotional sensitivity to connect with yourself and others.

If you do the class with a friend or partner you can explore healing techniques and safe ways to support your friend through the body and through the way you connect to their body.  The movement meditation class is on Wednesday nights in USA and Thursday mornings Sydney starting Wednesday March 17 and following day Thursday Morning March 18.

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