Meditation For Awakening With Deeksha Apr-May 2019

Thursdays 7pm

Waverley Library Bondi Junction

Deeksha is a healing energy that allows rapid connection to your heart, relaxation of the brain, growth in consciousness, stress relief and awakening to higher states.

Experience how deeksha can quickly connect you to your heart, and give you a sense of peace and ease.

Each week we practice breathing exercises to prepare the body, mind and emotions to encourage stillness and peace in the mind and body.

If you are new to deeksha and meditation this class is great for you.

Deeksha has the ability to heal old habits and change the habits that are holding you stuck in old ways.

We have seen miracles where people heal their relationships, re-unite with loved ones, discover a deeper self-acceptance and harmony in themselves, find healing of old stubborn conditions and discover spontaneous joy in themselves and their relationships.

If you have experienced Deeksha before, this class will have both the Golden Orb Deeksha and the Supreme Light or Supreme Love Deeksha for you to connect with.

Meditation Starts at 7pm Sharp. We are on Level 1 in Waverley Library in the Theory Room.

$10 cash on the day or card through eventbrite HERE

Waverley Library Level 1 Theory Room
32/48 Denison St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022


April 4, 11, 18 – no meditation on Anzac Day holiday April 25

May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.




Waverley Library

Level 1 Theory Room

32/48 Denison Street

Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

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Movement Meditation ~ Align with Nature

May 11 2-3.30pm

Pool of Reflection, Hyde Park Sydney

What is Alignment? When you align with nature, you very simply align straight away to the natural rhythms of the seasons and earth.

This movement meditation will show you how your energy is quickly able to became balanced and in harmony by connecting with nature and yourself.

In this class you will learn how to understand your energy and know your energy so you can naturally love and accept your energy and experience the joy that comes from feeling aligned, balanced and whole.

Registration is essential so you can notified in case of wet weather.

In Sydney as we move into the winter we contract and tend to feel unable to connect to our natural energy as we experience the contraction of the season.

This class will give you the skills to reconnect to your energy and avoid being pulled into bad moods, states of depression and lack of vitality even as the days grow shorter. It will prepare the way for your creativity to continue through the winter and prepare for the blossoming of new growth in the spring.

And in the Spring (November) in Sydney we will reconnect to your energy in another Movement Meditation workshop and see how to sustain this alignment with nature throughout the year.

With the practice of this movement meditation you will learn how to quickly reconnect to your center and explore the natural creativity, peace and ease that comes from that center.

You can use this process to reconnect to yourself when you feel off balance.

There will be humour and light-heartedness as we learn how to balance what we are bringing into our lives with your body’s innate wisdom of how to flow with all life.

We meet at the foot of the anzac war memorial facing the Pool of Reflection.

Wear warm comfortable clothes for gentle movement.
Optional: bring yoga mat or something to sit on if you do not wish to sit on bare ground or grass.


Date And Time

Sat, May 11, 2019

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM AEST


Pool of Reflection

Hyde Park

120 Elizabeth Street

Sydney, NSW 2000

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Angela has over 25 years of movement, dance and healing to share with you the wonders of your body and it’s kinesphere, aura or ‘energy body’ and how you can sense your own nature and learn how to expand that creatively in your body, your dance and your life.

If you have never done movement meditation then this is a great way to discover what it is!

If you are looking for deeper intuitive KNOWING of how to connect to your inner and higher self – this class will give you kinesthetic knowing and recognition of what your intuition is showing you.

To discover more of Angela’s work go to – or join her monthly newsletter here

or call Angela in Australia on 612 8006 4467