About Dance with Angela

Dance, Movement, and Healing Programs

After 30 years of dancing across the world in different cultural dance forms,

Dance with Angela brings you the heart of what unites us all:

the desire to experience love, causeless joy, peace, and togetherness with each other.

Dance for Joy with World Dance Healing shares the gifts of many world movement forms and healing to experience how we are all connected and united through the experience of our body that we all share as humans and how we are connected through our universal desire to experience a collective oneness with each other that celebrates our diversity and the uniqueness of every single human being.

In Dance for Joy, you get to experience your own heart and relationship to your body and how to share that with others through interactive movement exercises, learning how to sense another with your hands, proprioception, intuition, and senses. These interactive techniques include a combination of Qi Gong, Body Mind Centering, and Dance where you safely learn how to feel your body field and your skin and sense the sacredness and different layers of the body and allow yourself to feel into yourself more and more.

Dance with Angela is about understanding how each culture has a gift to share through its dance and how together all these cultural dance and movement forms celebrate the Joy of being alive, on this planet and able to experience the beauty of feeling and being in the body and the fun of sharing this with yourself, a partner or a group to experience a joy of our experience of life.

Dance for Joy with World Dance and Sufi Movement“, “Bellydance for Beginners” and “Dance for JOY ONLINE! World Dance Healing” are dance and movement workshops that teach beginners and more experienced dancers how to feel your body and get connected to yourself to make dance moves easily and comfortably, and help you to be clear and joyful in your body and gain access to your authentic confidence and self-appreciation and self-acceptance and a great love and joy for life.

For more information contact Angela@dancewithangela.com

Australia +61 401 466 172 or USA 347 985 9979

Coaching & Healing

Life Coaching at Dance with Angela combines body awareness and skills to help you listen to your inner world with the management and permanent clearing of poor self-esteem and self-image, social anxiety, hyper-sensitivity, habits of comparing yourself to others and feeling that you don’t fit in to build a deep abiding love within you.

From Angela’s lifelong experience in healing with dance and movement, she combines techniques for listening to and gently holding space for yourself with Life Coaching so we can resolve problems created by habits that separate our hearts from our minds and work against ourselves rather than with your natural energy and what supports you.

Through a series of sessions, you build awareness of your inner world of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions and what motivates you, and how to really appreciate who you are. This awareness is supported with new habits and accountability systems or support to help you maintain a new way of life instead of falling back into old habits.

Coaching questions find the source of unresolved emotions and harmful thinking patterns and build your self-awareness and compassion so that we stop those patterns from operating in your life.

Once we transform your relationship with your perception of yourself, a lot of the work in coaching is driven by uncovering your passion and motivation for life and what energises and inspires you.

When you really know and accept who you are and you stop judging who you are with expectations of how you think you should be, you naturally discover joy and your relationships become a place of pleasure and possibility, and love.

Transformed Relationships” is a 4-month one-on-one coaching and healing program. Learn to explore what love means for you, resolve stubborn relationship habits and pain from break-ups and loneliness, learn communication skills in all your relationships, and create the love you truly desire.

How does Healing work?

Healing is a safe space for you to experience your true nature.

Often this means you can begin to open to parts of yourself that are hidden, forgotten, or dormant that will transform the way you feel about yourself and transform your self-perception so that you approach your life in a completely different manner. 

Healing can be as varied as the individual who presents themselves for healing.

Healing at Dance with Angela is about creating the space for you to experience yourself and your unique gifts and create space for you to live in a way that changes your life habits so that you honour your energy, and support what is truly important to you in life. Healing includes learning how to help others in your life relate to you and together, we can find what you need to relate to others to have joyful free and accepting relationships.

At Dance with Angela we also specialize in healing relationships with ancestors, family members and your inner child to remove stuck emotions and patterns where you waste your energy and remove barriers to you discover a deep love within that supports you and those you love. 

Sessions work with people to develop sensing skills through deep listening to the body.

The Dance healing Sessions use movement and teaching of the Energy Body.

Relationship Healing and Ancestral Healing Sessions use guided meditation processes to help you release stuck emotions and heal hurts from relationships.

Angela also offers Spiritual Mentoring to enhance your own intuitive gifts and develop a clear knowing of how to use your intuition, spiritual gifts, and self-awareness to manifest the life you desire and build your own spiritual practice and healing skills or business.

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Sessions are held over zoom.

One on One Sessions and Group Sessions are available in person in Sydney


“Angela, you have been the beacon I needed to find my light source that was so hidden in plain view.  I was burned out. There was clutter everywhere in my life consisting of unfinished projects in and about my life.  My job was unfulfilling along with my intimate relationships.  I was disappointed when people didn’t live up to my expectations or didn’t give me the response I sought.  I was disconnected from God, myself and everyone else. But as much as I tried to right myself, I couldn’t.

From our 1st session, I knew you were the right person for me.  You explained how you work a lot with the heart to bring greater awareness to it.  You continuously offered new ways of thinking during our sessions.  You helped me to get in touch with my emotions and to recognize what I wanted to do.  You continuously had me seek connection with my inner self to get answers to what really mattered in my life and what was keeping me stuck. You gave me options to work on between our sessions that engaged my everyday life into a more fulfilling life.

Thank you for holding the key that unlocked the door to the love of my life. GOD!”

Ms Daniel NY