Building a Better Relationship with your Planet

Episode 42 Building Better Relationships Podcast

This episode is from the Building Better Relationships Podcast with Angela and Patti which you can listen to by clicking here or on the player.

In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti discuss building a better relationship with our planet and our environment.

During lock-down, it gave the planet time to heal in many ways; the air quality from pollution became better with fewer vehicles traveling, beaches recovered due to fewer people visiting them and wildlife starting to populate.

So how do you understand your role in building a better relationship with your planet?  

Look at where you are respecting energy in your every day life and relationships.

Taking notice of where you respect, give thanks and reciprocate energy is an excellent practice of awareness of how you are of being a good steward, to yourself, your family, and your planet. 

Energy is not just about being careful about our waste. The energy you put out is also being aware of your thoughts about others, including your thoughts about other people or countries and how they deal with the environment.

One way to be respectful of energy is to observe how your thoughts help others and how your thoughts are not harmful to others. And if your thoughts are not helpful how do you take action to change that habit? One simple way to be better with your energy is to stop criticizing others.

In the podcast, Angela shares how she used to criticize others for the way they would recycle until she realized that her thoughts were contributing to the wasted energy on the planet in the thought-sphere that contributes to the negative environment instead of appreciating the magic of the planet we are in.

In the movement classes, Angela shares how to respect your body and listen to your body. Movement has been the easiest way for her to learn respect for energy. When we move together, we feel how we contain energy in the body and how we lose energy in the body. And in movement, you can learn where you have habits in your body that disrespect your body or don’t listen to the natural flow of energy in your body that supports or enlivens the body.

When we do movement in nature, the elements of nature help us align and balance our bodies. And activity in nature, even just walking in nature, can show us how to be one with nature and respect it.  When we’re caught up in modern life, we fall into habits where we forget our own nature and our own body, which makes us feel disconnected from the planet.

What can you do to make a difference in the world we live in and your relationship with the planet? 

Reflection Questions:

What kind of relationship do you want with the planet?

What are your thoughts about air pollution, plastic waste in the ocean, and nuclear waste? How are these thoughts helpful? How are they not helpful?

What can you do to support the environment?

When Patti is out camping or in nature, when she comes across trash, she will pick it up, take it home, and throw it in the trash. Patti remembers when she was visiting a friend in Hawaii, and they were getting ready to parasail, a woman was fishing out debris from the ocean with a net, and this man said to her, “why, here is so much trash in the sea it won’t matter”. To her, it mattered.

Was she making a difference? Yes. One less piece of trash in the ocean that day. And the difference in her feelings of loving nature sends out the energy of love and the positive relationship that we dream about having with our planet and with all life.

Your dream and intent to build a better relationship with the planet is where we start.

We would love to hear your ideas and what you are doing with improving your relationship with the planet!

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