About Angela

Angela Ambrosia, the creator of Dance with Angela teaches workshops and offers sessions to empower your body, heal your relationships and recover your self-love.

About Angela Ambrosia

Angela Ambrosia is an Energy Healer and Spiritual and Relationship Coach, Movement Meditation and Dance Facilitator at Dance with Angela and facilitator of Loving Relationships workshops starting with the most important relationship – the relationship with the self.

She teaches online classes and offers private sessions to open you to your healing gifts and natural joy. She works with people to develop their intuition and spiritual gifts and live in alignment with their true selves and not the expectations of others.

Currently located in Sydney Australia, she has been performing dance and theater for 30 years in the US and Australia, performing at venues as diverse as Universal Studios Florida and public schools in New York.

As a teacher of Belly Dance and Movement, Angela became interested in how dance connected women and men to their authentic selves. Facilitating her own and others’ natural expression in dance, movement, and performance, Angela has devised a technique that encourages self-love and expression through the body enabling you to discover self-acceptance and natural joy.

What has informed Angela’s healing and coaching approach?

Angela has intimate experience with the negative self-talk that people grow up with as she was the “fat kid” at school, born from Italian immigrants in Australia where being “different” wasn’t an easy experience. She never thought she would grow up to be a belly dancer, although she did dance in her bedroom every day and realizes that as proof of how to manifest your dreams – simply keep doing what you love to do!

Angela found her passion when she started performing movement theater in 1991 and moved on to discover all forms of dance: salsa, contemporary, belly dance, samba, african, therapeutic, trance, dancing around the campfire and on stage.

It was when Angela trained in more spiritual forms of dance, sufi dance, shamanic dance and dance healing that she realized how to deal with the deep insecurities about her body. While she found it easy to step into a character on stage, it was extremely difficult to have the same confidence in personal relationships or with family. After being diagnosed with an under-active thyroid, Angela was forced to find a range of natural therapies that would restore her energy and allow her to continue her work as well as maintain her desired weight.

With the support of natural therapies, healing and coaching, Angela was able to create a new sense of self, and this process she now shares with clients in her coaching practice. By understanding the ups and downs of life and the basis of the negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions that stopped her from feeling her own personal power, she can facilitate others to overcome issues with poor self-esteem and develop a strong life purpose. When we hold onto poor self-esteem we block our spiritual purpose and our body from achieving the material goals we desire.

In her Workbook the Body of Love http://amzn.to/2o28JFB, she explores 10 Steps to experience the Energy Body and the emotions of the self and transform the way you perceive your body.

In 2019, Angela experienced a near-death experience after going into a coma from aggressive ovarian and uterine cancer. In the years since her recovery, Angela realized how she denied her own knowing that she was not going to die because she believed what the hospital and others thought was true. She is aware of how much we allow the power of others’ beliefs to overshadow our own knowing, even to the point of denying our own life. She encourages others to learn how to listen to their inner voice while also inviting and creating spaces to share themselves with others and experience true connection.

Angela offers coaching and healing sessions to discover your innate desires and devise a process that allows the self-love that moves you towards your desires. Through her teaching and coaching, you will learn how to give and receive in relationships, without betraying yourself or being inconsiderate of the other person.

Her sessions give you the opportunity to find the unique value, meaning, and worth of your soul, personality, and body.

Discover how you too can live your life with the greatest satisfaction and joy and go beyond the limitations placed on you by your thoughts, feelings, and life circumstances.

CALL 347 985 9979 in USA or in Australia call 61 401 466 172 to discover more.


Certified Master Life, Relationship and Spiritual Coach and ICF ACC Credentialed Coach

Oneness Meditation Trainer

Certified Subconscious Rapid Transformation™ Practitioner (Inner Child and Subconscious Re-patterning)

Shoringiryu Qi Gong Instructor

BodyTalk Modules 1 and 2

A Magi Certified Middle Eastern Dance Instructor

Certified Reflexologist

Dance, Movement and Relationship Programs

Dance for Joy with World Dance and Sufi Movement“, “Bellydance for Beginners” and “Energy Body and Movement Meditation” are dance and movement workshops that teach how dance allows you to feel your body and personal power so you can get connected to yourself and be comfortable, clear and joyful in your body and gain access to your authentic confidence and self-appreciation and self-acceptance.

Transformed Relationships” is a 4 month one-on-one coaching and healing program. Learn to explore what love means for you, resolve stubborn relationship habits and pain from break-ups and loneliness, learn communication skills in all your relationships and create the love you truly desire.

For bookings and more information contact Angela@dancewithangela.com and in Australia 0401 466 172 or the USA 347 985 9979