What is Love

As we reach the end of 2017, I’ve witnessed a lot of people shake their heads and think “the world is crazy”.

What I think they are also referring to is that feel their lives are out of their control.

If we look at what we are being asked to surrender when we face a world where we feel ‘out of control’, it is more often than not:
our understanding of the world.
So if your life is a little crazy right now – than I urge you to do less – and be more with those you love.
In Australia we call the hoildays “the silly season” – and I could not advocate more than any other time to be silly, be with youth or kids, be interested in what is not working in the world (or your life) and get creative – and find out what could be different.
We are being challenged in these times, to think we can’t cope.
But that is not true, we have a chance to surrender what we THINK our world should be and ask what is the world we want – and ask:
 are we prepared to do anything to create the world we want?
Or are we going to complain that the world has ‘gone to pot’.
I was enlightened this week that a government investigation into institutionalized child abuse in Australia recommended the Catholic Church to give priests the option to be celibate. The investigation revealed clear connection between paedophilia and enforced celibacy of male priests.
Old institutions are being pressured to change, because we will no longer tolerate systemized abuse. It’s a gradual progression.
It will be slow, but it is happening. And this is happening in our personal lives as well.
The video on “What is Love” looks at love as a LIFE-LONG journey – and shares that even those who annoy us deeply are teaching us how to love.
It is not about unconditional tolerance of their behavior but finding what it is that pushed your buttons – so you can learn how to go beyond your limits of how you feel – and find what it takes within you and your relationships to create the love you desire.