Going Beyond Emotional Drama in your Family

Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to get out of stubborn family arguments? Or do you find yourself in emotional drama that you REALLY don’t want, but keeps resurfacing in your life?

All our emotional drama was first played out in the early stage of our life as a child.

I was talking with Silvia Leva Intuitive writer from Simply Birdy about what created her own emotional drama with her family and you can listen to the interview here:

In the interview, Silvia shares how as a child there were many factors that impeded her ability to understand and manage her emotions which we all share:

  1. the family habit of ‘sweeping things under the carpet’
  2. having no words for what she was feeling – so she just brushed the feelings under the carpet
  3. being sensitive and taking on other people and family member’s emotions
  4. not being aware that some of the feelings she was picking up were not hers, but she just took them on and felt attached to these emotions.

In the interview, I go on to explain that without CLEAR ways of understanding the emotions as child, we often create habits of emotional drama that we still operate from as adults.

The first challenge as an adult is to see that you are operating from an emotional drama and that can be the hardest challenge – especially because we formed these habits with our families when we were very young, with people we love and well before language when we are the impacted deeply by the unconscious habits.

And at the end of the interview, I look at why we tend to be more drawn into the drama with our family members and loved ones, because we don’t know how to discern how much to “look after” those we love – and how much to let them make their own mistakes while we stand by and watch.