Manifesting a New Year of Relationships you Love

Transcript of Video

This video is called manifesting a new year of relationships you love.

In the new year, we’re always able to access a new energy. It’s a global experience, a natural phenomena, where we are excited about this passing of time and the new potential. And often during the year, things sort of slack off or we get busy and overwhelmed.

But this particular period where we’re stepping into the new relationships, the relationships that you will love, it’s a wonderful opportunity to really focus on the energy that you wish to manifest. And I talk about intent a lot when we’re working with visions in relationship coaching. We look at creating the ideal partner.

And I want to be very clear that the ideal partner is not perfect. If we were in perfect relationships we wouldn’t be here, we would be dead, we’d been in the “ethers”!

We’re here to resolve stuff and explore. So it’s got to be messy.

We’re here to resolve stuff and explore. So it’s got to be messy and sticky and weird sometimes. So the ideal is actually more about – especially when we work on vision – how we’ll handle some of the icky stuff and some of the fun stuff as well.

So this year coming is also about, how do you invoke without calling on the old, because we’re moving away from a lot of old definitions of relationships, of our culture and ultimately of our self – of “the self”, what is “the self”. What are the expectations culturally that this self – yourself – is supposed to do?

A lot of the old stuff has been thrown out and we’re taking some of the good but we need to actually create a new version of the self that we want to be in our love relationships.

My course “Transformed Relationships”, is a Powerful Transformation of what love Can Be, because perhaps on the planet we haven’t seen that yet.

Perhaps we’ve seen some good relationships, but we haven’t really felt as a culture very proud of the love relationships that we’ve created. And maybe you all know families that are stellar families, who have raised great kids and have a beautiful love within the family between the parents and the extended family. So you can all draw on those figures.

My question is: why haven’t we culturally celebrated that as a nurturing place that creates greatness?

And a lot of it is with this manifestation piece. When we set an intent, we have all the good intents to move forward with it but then it kind of falls off during the year. 

So one of the things that I’ll share with you today is to tweak your intent that you set out for the year. And part of the intent is when you set out that ideal or that dream of love or those dream relationships, if your heart drops its connection to that intent, you get a signal from yourself, from your inner guidance, to get you back on board a hundred percent committed to your intent.

There is this feeling when we don’t fulfill our dreams, when we don’t live up to our intent or our ideal that somehow we’re a loser. You’re not. You’re just having an experience and you’re learning. And it’s so easy to kick ourselves in the butt or the head when we make mistakes or when we do something that doesn’t work out the way we think it should.

The key is just to realize, like a kid, you’re experimenting. Yes mistakes happen. If you hurt someone, apologize, claim back what you’ve done and then get back on to your dream of love. This manifests the relationships with that commitment that, if you fall, you’ll just get back right on to that, because that’s what love relationships that are successful from those people you know – that’s what they do.

They just commit to being there and whatever comes up they muddle or fumble through it sometimes and then they learn how to actually celebrate each other and celebrate that commitment to being there and sticking it out and being with each other through the “icky”.

If you would like to learn more about manifesting those relationships you love you can book a free discovery session with me and find out what it takes to stick to that commitment. The coaching is making you stick to the commitment and there are tools that give you strategies to work through that “icky stuff”, to work through the areas of confusion you might have around expressing your feelings, understanding your feelings, dealing with your body, learning how to be expressive with your love in all levels of love not just the physical but the emotional the mental and the spiritual parts of yourself.

And manifesting those relationships with your intimate partner that you may be calling in or with your existing loved ones to take them to a new level where you can have much more mastery in how those relationships grow and develop.

To discover more about how you can create your year of love book a clarity call with Angela here