Happiness after Heartbreak – is it possible?

Do you ever feel like, in an effort to improve your romantic relationship, you try to “fix” yourself—be nicer, sexier, less demanding, or more attentive … only to continue feeling disrespected and that your needs are not valued by your partner?

If so, you should know you absolutely deserve better! More importantly, you can begin to create it today by joining my friend, Life Coach Sandra Pate, for a FREE interview series, HAPPINESS AFTER HEARTBREAK, which brings together more than 25 experts, including me.

It begins March 20th 2018 and you can sign up here to join us:


With Sandra I discuss how feeling “ugly” and unwanted gets stuck in our bodies through the following cycle.

  1. After betrayal, infidelity or abuse your body feels unattractive and you get stuck on how OTHERS perceive you as the most important – instead of how you perceive and feel about yourself.

  2. Reprogramming your body to believe you are beautiful comes from sensory and sensual aliveness, focussing on how you are beautiful to those around you and within your body until you can stop being dependent on someone elses reaction/opinion of you.

  3. Teaching our young people starts with mothers and older women reclaiming how important is the love that they give in the world is and that starts with older women affirming that for themselves.

In the interview I share with Sandra a few practical strategies to start engaging with your beauty – daily.

In my practice, I’ve found the physical and nagging feeling of being unattractive is still one of the hardest things to shift because I’ve found women are addicted to seeing how ugly they are.

But once you see the root cause of the addiction is keeping you attached to a place that is very small and painful – it’s also possible to choose to not keep yourself so limited.

The last trap I find, is the finger pointing at those who we say make us feel so awful – the ex husband, ex-boyfriend, parent, abuser etc.

And that is when heartbreak wins – and will continue to win.

At this time of our culture where we are seeing women stand up against the silence of abuse – and being abused, it is also time for women to no longer participate in punishing themselves because someone else made them feel small.

In your body – the choice to see your beauty – and experience the feeling of your beauty daily – is the most powerful thing you can do to stand up against abuse. You will never feel small, you will never feel your contribution is less and you will stand up and speak for what you believe in – and for who you are.

And this is not a cover-all and positive thinking solution – it is by practicing habits that affirm how you are beautiful in your words, the way you talk to yourself and others, and the way you feel and enjoy your body.