How to Love Your Body Seated Chair Meditation

Imagine Feeling Joy in your Body whether you are alone or with someone.

$29.95 AUD with mp3 and instructions

How to Love your Body Visualization Seated Chair Exercise

Celebrate your senses and reconnect to what feels good in you.

Do you feel there is more to you than meets the eye?

Would you like to feel what that more feels like inside of you?

This mp3 Visualization is based on 25 years of Healing and deep listening to the Body.

Angela has worked with thousands of women to re-train the way they FEEL their body. Her first experience with re-framing the way women feel in their body came from dance:

middle eastern dance, belly dance, sufi dance and lyrical dance.

What she discovered was….

that underneath the dance was a deep desire of the body to enliven and be one with the senses.


that when women discover that connection to the feelings of their inner self, they no longer rely on what others say about their body – they rely more solidly on what they feel inside themselves.

In the last 10 years, Angela had developed guided visualizations, meditations and trainings to allow women to reconnect to all parts of themselves: their body, emotions, mind and spirit.

This visualization is done seated on a chair and uses the breath and imagination to encourage you to feel your body – and learn NEW ways of appreciating and feeling your body.

The most powerful and effective way to let go of criticism about your body or a feeling of being unattractive is to enliven your body with new and internal ways of sensing, feeling and enjoying the power of your senses, your imagination, your desire to be more and your innate wisdom that is just waiting for you to sit, feel and enjoy – who you are.

And if you try the meditation and are still struggling with feelings about your body, please sign up for a Complimentary Discovery Session so you can discover more ways to release the old ways that longer serve you.

$29.95 AUD & download your mp3 with instructions now

About Angela Ambrosia

ANGELA AMBROSIA is a certified Master Life and Relationship Coach and Meditation teacher.

Her passion is teaching clients how to be in love with who they are and create loving relationships. With twenty five years expertise in dance and healing Angela blends coaching with deep listening to the body, heart and soul so that you know, understand and love your authentic self.

Angela combines creative visualization, dance and energy healing to teach others the power of their body with heart and spirit. She is currently developing a program to share how to listen to the body so that we can create new healthy intimacy and teach youth how to handle the body with care, love and joy.

Why work with Angela?

Angela helped me find new ways to experience the joy of living in my body that I was comfortable with. After our work together, I have the confidence to move without shame on the dance floor of life. Thanks Angela! -Tammy T.

The most amazing thing is the energy body shifts I can feel as we talk. Then I can see how my healthier body-mind-soul essence is attracting more positive ventures because of that, instantly. – Silvia L.

Best I have encountered! Makes a real connection to space and all of the Body – how they both move. Energy connection to others and self. I can close eyes and let my body and the space around me dance together . Thank you so much! – Bonnie T.