Finding Your Purpose through Loneliness!

Episode 39 Building Better Relationships Podcast

This episode is from the Building Better Relationships Podcast with Angela and Patti which you can listen to by clicking here or on the player.

In this podcast episode Angela and Patti will discuss how to find purpose through loneliness.

With the ongoing pandemic many people are feeling isolated and lonely.  We want to explore this topic and share some tips and strategies to ease the emotions, find your purpose and put it into action.  

What does having a purpose mean?

Do you believe that we are here to serve our purpose?

Angela and Patti have been pursuing these questions for years.  Why did we feel so strongly to make this podcast? We want to help people have good relationships with oneself and others while living their best life with a purpose and intent.

How does loneliness fit in with finding your purpose?  

Maybe going through the loneliness you know what it feels like and you reach out to others who are experiencing it as well. By doing that one action step you make deep connections and share your journey then it has a ripple effect and others will do the same and each day someone else is no longer lonely because they have a friend.  It may save lives, lower depression, suicidal thoughts,  and feelings of isolation.

As a Spiritual seeker and healer, Angela discovered loneliness early in life as a child. She didn’t feel understood because she was a geek and a religious geek too. She wanted to know about God and how the world evolved to where it is now and didn’t really fit in at school until she got friends who fed her geeky side later in teenage years. 

On the spiritual path Angela discovered that sometimes, you need to be alone to discover something deeper – not about yourself, but about life, about why we are here.

In the podcast Angela shares how to deal with feeling isolated and combatting your shadow side. We all have a shadow side, every human has a shadow.
Patti and Angela with Building Better Relationships are nurturing your lighter side – but if we don’t acknowledge the shadow in every human we often spend a lot of time trying to deny the shadow and then we don’t become conscious of the shadow quietly sabotaging ourselves.

What Angela did once she saw her own shadow that’s not so happy was to ask questions about why it was showing up:

What does it need? And what does this thought or feeling have to say about my purpose? Why am I here now experiencing these feelings?

Asking questions about why is this thought even showing up is a good way to start creating a separate relationship with the dark thoughts or feelings and not identify yourself as only that. You are much more.

If you find yourself lingering in the shadow then don’t focus on it, focus on activities that focus on your positive side, your creativity and your joy.

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to deal with the shadow or feelings of loneliness is to nurture your creativity and your lighter side. In the Podcast, Patti and Angela share tips on how to use the internet and messaging creatively to lighten your feelings of isolation or separation from others. We also share how to get creative in your space.

Patti finishes by sharing some important advice to try new things, if you don’t like it try something else. You never know until you try.  You might find the love of your life. Define your purpose by thinking about it, visualizing it, or journaling about what you actually want.  Is it to have more meaningful relationships?  If so how will you make it happen?

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