You want to break up but your partner doesn’t

Gina answers your love questions

What do you when your partner wants to “break up” your relationship – but you’re still committed to making it work?

Once again I return to the “I AM”….

In any relationship, we need to remind ourselves who are we in relationship with First?

Our first and most important relationship is to OURSELVES….

When we are committed to loving ourselves unconditionally, and to be truthful to our SELF, we then are ready to open our SELF to be in relationship with others.

Relationship is ongoing commitment, nurturing and growth.  While in communication with others we also need to hear our own thoughts, our Self Talk.  Are we being totally honest with Our Selves?  Do we truly hear our Self Talk?  Can we be completely honest and open to our Self?  Once we can say YES to all 3 questions, then this is a first step in truly hearing others.

When a partner wants to break up “your” relationship… are we hearing our partner and knowing the true reason why?  Are we willing to have an honest, open minded and open hearted communication with our partner and get to the root of why he/she feels this way?

If YES, than once you “truly hear your partner” with an open mind and heart, you can understand them completely and your TRUE ENLIGHTENED SELF will know how to move forward.

Ask yourself another very important question:

“Do I truly want to be in a relationship with an individual that has decided to move on”?  “Why do I want this”?  “Don’t I prefer to be in a relationship with someone that loves themselves as much as I Love MYSELF”?

This may be much to take in all at once, but total truth is not always an easy thing to do… Yes I know it, as I too, have to remind myself constantly.  The amazing thing about being Human is that we are not Perfect, as long as we know this and embrace it, then we can embrace the concept that we can always strive for greatness and deep love within.

In Love & Light…


Goddess Magenta