What to do if your partner blames you!

Gina answers your love questions.

What do I do if my partner is always nagging, criticizing or blaming me for their problems?

If your partner is always criticizing, nagging or blaming for their problems, what can one do?  Good question.

One of the hardest things to do is to look deep within and realize that IT IS THEIR PROBLEM.  A very important rule that we all need to learn is “don’t take it personally”.

Easier said than done, YES I AGREE…. We are human after all.

Listen to your inner knowing and embrace the beautiful person within and understand that if your partner is constantly in that space … they are the ones with the issue!

We have choices…

1) We can choose to support them with their issue and try to make them understand that it is not your fault, and therefore they need to resolve their issue.

2) Love them for who they are and allow them the space to have their journey, while staying in your integrity and knowing that you do not accept any form of abuse.

3) Come to an understanding, for example, that when they say something criticizing, you have a signal that shows they are in that space, whether it’s touching the nose, etc. So that they realize they are emotionally attacking and it doesn’t feel good.  At times, people who are in the habit of criticizing, blaming or nagging, don’t even realize they are doing it. Show them in a simple way what’s happening.

4) The last solution is, if they are not getting that this behavior is hurting you to your core, then a conversation needs to happen to discover how the couple can move forward in love and how peace and balance is to be maintained.

Always speak from the heart, even if it’s very HARD….



Goddess Magenta