What is Togetherness and how it feeds our desire to love

 What creates true love, intimacy, depth and meaning?

One of the things that works against success in relationships, is that we have ideas, expectations and beliefs about how the relationship “should” be – and we miss the opportunity the relationship provides to truly be WITH someone and get to know them.

Togetherness – is the “how” of being with someone and enjoying the journey.

Togetherness is not what you can get from the person, it’s what you can discover about yourself – as you learn to understand someone.

Togetherness is the magic of what happens when two or more people come together – and you create a feeling, a moment, a game, a memory that never existed before.

Togetherness is something we have forgotten to have fun with, because we put too many expectations about what being with someone was meant to be.

And…..ironically – togetherness – is the opportunity to let go of any pre-conceived notions of what being with someone ‘should’ be and opening up to

– something completely different and even a NEW understanding of yourself.

 In the video, I say togetherness is a feeling and experience we crave – both at a group level and on an intimate one-on-one level.

 Instead of focussing on sexual intimacy, if we focus on being together with one person – and the deep feelings that stirs inside of us – we get a deeper ability to understand that deep desire to understand someone – and be understood ourselves.

 And that is the heart of the hunger for one-on-one love and relationships.

Are you happy in your relationship? Looking for a deeper connection?

Discover what that true love means for you – and how to nurture it in your love-life.

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