What does Honoring your Partner mean?

If you are in a committed relationship or looking to build a committed relationship, when you have your definition of the behaviors, thoughts, feelings and attitudes required to honor someone’s journey – then you can actually attract and build on that personal definition.

What does “honor your partner” mean to you?

The marriage vows of ‘love, honor and obey’ used to represent an ideal of commitment.
And now you have an opportunity – in these times of change – to define what your personal meaning of commitment means to you – and your union or (potential) lasting relationship.
When you define for you personally what it means to honor your partner you attach to the uplifting and inspiring aspects of commitment and witnessing someone’s life and honoring that journey.
In the video, I refer to the line from Susan Sarandon’s character in the movie “Shall we Dance” where she says to her husband of 20 plus years – “I’ve been a witness to your life”.
Honor is a word that has got murky in how our culture defines it, but this gives you an opportunity to define what it means to you – and it can be romantic, practical, and exactly what you desire.

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