The key to change is your Desire to do so

This post is from guest bloggerBrigitte M. Britton, CHN (Certified Holistic Nutritionist) and The MEGA Way founder.

Brigitte was a sugar addict who turned her life around with whole foods, living her dream and sticking to it! I have been a big fan of the megaway shakes because they gave me the nutrients I was lacking from living with hypo-thyroidism. And they gave me BALANCE. A strange thing to describe in your emotions – but emotional balance – may be the most important thing to moving forward in life.

Brigitte shares below about how to commit to your personal health and well-being.

From Brigitte:

The key to actual permanent change is one step at a time. In other words make a list of say three (3) bad eating habits you have and start by changing one of them to a good eating habit. And then go to the second bad habit and change that as well and so on. For example, I used to be a sugar addict, literally! It took me a pretty long time to shift this bad habit but I did and so can you!

“The key to changing anything in your life is the true DESIRE to do so…You reach a certain point in your life and just know that this is it, the time has come to be the best you are meant to be and it starts with your HEALTH!”

Again great health begins with your emotions and thoughts, Make a point each day to be grateful for all the blessings and gifts in your life by acknowledging them verbally and writing them down. Your thoughts have great power, so make them positive, healthy ones. Laugh and smile often it really will change your life and you will feel great! Think about what you are eating and why you are eating it so that you make better and more conscious food choices. You literally are what you eat and YOU are the BOSS of you not the food.

I specifically formulated our VEGAN protein shakes choosing every ingredient very carefully and with great integrity because I understand the value and health benefits of pure ingredients and I truly care about YOU! And I know you want to care about you too! It has been over 20 years since I have been on these shakes and I no longer crave sugar or anything else that is bad for me. I am now the BOSS of me and what goes in my body and I feel amazing. There is no time like the present to own great health. 

I know for a fact that if you try our VEGAN shakes for three days in a row 1st thing in the AM you will feel what I mean as your energy levels will be great, your moods amazing and over all feel really happy and in charge of what YOU eat! 

All of our certified organic VEGAN shake ingredients and CBD powder supports your immune system as they are ALL high in antioxidants and beneficial properties. Two of our shake ingredients Alfalfa Leaf Powder and Wheat Grass Powder PH balance your body! Because our proprietary blend is 50g with 15mg of CBD infused powder we blended high doses of each ingredient making our CBD infused VEGAN shakes a lot more powerful than ANY other shake out in the market.  Our limited supply of brand new Vanilla Bean and Creamy Cacao flavored CBD Infused VEGAN organic shakes have 24g of protein, 18g of fiber, and approximately 20,000 ORAC (Oxidant Radical Absorption Capacity) per serving.
and when you add HD liquid Multi Vitamin Minerals you get another 20,000 ORAC which equals 40,000 ORAC total daily and that is more antioxidants than the average person gets per month! 

Our base proteins are Pumpkin Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds and Black-White mix of Chia Seeds (NO PEA PROTEIN) They are Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Kosher and Soy Free!

If you’re an existing CannaBisEology and or MEGA WAY customer, then you already know just how powerful our VEGAN protein shakes are, and now that we have finally perfected the taste, what a delicious treat they are any time you need a quick and easy High Protein, Fat-Burning raw meal replacement (like those hectic mornings where Plant Protein becomes the ideal easy to prepare, energizing and complete breakfast). We truly love and care about you all and know what we have created can change your lives.

We call it evolutionary because the health benefits of our VEGAN shakes infused with CBD extracted from Industrial hemp have been known for a long time and are constantly evolving. Recent research suggests that we have much to learn from the remarkable HEMP plant. Packed with globally sourced VEGAN Certified Organic super food ingredients and Seed Proteins and THEY TASTE DELICIOUS as we have FINALLY perfected the Vanilla Bean & Cacao Flavors and people are raving!

Brigitte began her quest into integrative nutrition and holistic health in 1978 learning how to cook macrobiotic foods, an alternative, organic eating lifestyle. Brigitte is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Alchemist, Organic Chef and Author of over 7 books. She is unquestionably following her dream; using her time and boundless energy to educate people that one’s body truly is one’s temple and needs to be respected and nurtured. Find out more here: