Tenderness and how it can heal and strengthen you and your relationships.

This August 2020 I did an interview with Love Coach and Best You Dating Coach, Barbara Klein, who has created the Nurture Self Summit.

I am still recovering from a serious illness last year and so Barbara’s topic of self nurturance really struck me as so timely for what I was going through personally and what collectively we are experiencing due to the pandemic. I have been sharing, teaching and exploring nurturance as a vital life force for the last twenty years ever since I discovered body-mind- centering with Annetta Luce in Sydney Australia.

In the interview with Barbara, I share how my experience with dance from a teenager was the start of everything I developed later in life to nurture and create a space of allowing for my body to feel peace and discover joy, wonder and magic. And now after major illness, tenderness and gentle movement has helped me to recover and reconnect to the essence of who I am so that my body has healed after almost not making it (more on that in the interview)

With the dance I discovered that tenderness allowed so much in my body that was not given permission to breathe in society. And as a consequence it led to me exploring the world of healing relationships because I saw how my heart opened to who I was. With gentleness and tenderness I was able to be more authentic, safe with my vulnerability and also not afraid of being who I am and instead I became curious, playful and deeply passionate for more.

As teenager I danced to duran duran to combat teenage depression. Later in my 20s as a dance performer I didn’t feel confident in my body. I had discovered deep connection to my spiritual side with sufi dance, but I didn’t enjoy who I was. So I developed a dance practice with myself and others to create a playful and safe place to accept all that I am, which ultimately is what Dance with Angela is and what I will be sharing in movement meditation classes online.

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Overcoming trauma? Looking for ways to change your mindset on being kind to yourself and others? Discover how to thoroughly Nurture Yourself and join the nurturing movement classes with Angela online from the comfort of your home https://dancewithangelahealing.as.me

About Angela….

Angela Ambrosia aka Angela Badolato is an international movement meditation teacher and teacher on love and relationships from Australia. As a performer she discovered dance as a vital way to connect to the joy of life and the power of spirit and moving emotions such as love, sadness, peace and acceptance. Her movement classes help you recover from trauma, allow you to discover your gentle side and strengthen your body to heal naturally when you align with your true self. She enables people to discover their natural voice and healing ability and helps women and men and youth to communicate love with themselves and in their relationships. She offers private sessions, workshops and movement classes for men, women and children to enjoy the freedom of their spirit, connect to authentic self and accept their body.


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