Sexy in your Sweatpants

My thighs seem to be larger this month and I found a great way to feel sexy. Wear figure hugging sweatpants and enjoy the shape of my thighs. A part of sensual dance is enjoying the shape of your thighs and legs and the strength of the leg bones and voluptuousness of the thighs. I’m creating a Sensual Dance Guidebook, which maps the curves of your body and shows the pleasure of feeling into your body, so you can dance with it and enjoy your body no matter what size or shape you are.

Winter for some of us means gaining extra weight and part of this weight gain is natural if you live in colder climates. Part of weight gain is being surrounded by food and stuck in doors and also emotional over-eating. But why deprive yourself of a little fun? The important thing is to not stress about weight gain and to find healthy ways to enjoy your body – to feel sexy and attractive no matter what cycle you are going through.

The odd thing is that my thighs are getting larger in proportion to the rest of me. So another thing to understand is why is weight gain congregating in certain parts of your body. Lots of weight loss experts say that you can’t “spot reduce” your weight loss. But I’ve noticed that belly dance, which exercises my emotions and feelings just as much as my body, DOES change the shape and look of my body. So I disagree with these fat-loss experts who traditionally focus on gym based fitness.

Dance fitness is a whole different fitness game. Dance calls in more of your fun self, your personality and your ability to dance and feel like no-one is watching. The most popular reason people love to dance is because they feel they can be themselves without judgment from others and themselves! And that’s why I talk more about sensuality in the dance rather than simply working out my body.

Sensuality and the sensitivity that goes with it, makes me ask the question: Why are my thighs gaining weight? Or why am I holding energy on my thighs? Good Question!!

I find in the winter months in Northern USA, my native tendency is to hibernate like a bear instead of walking outside. I’m storing some of that energy that would be used for walking around on my thighs. I’m also preparing for some BIG changes next year so I’m holding extra weight around the thighs in fear of some of those changes.Anyone had a bit of fear about the future lately? Have a look how your thighs or other body parts respond – possibly by holding extra weight.

Everybody is different – but in general – your body over the years will have patterns – which you can become aware of and start to manage, and relieve emotional inhibitions that block your natural vitality and happiness.

So one of my remedies to feel good in my body and sexy in my sweatpants (even if they are a little tight at the moment) is to enjoy the fullness of my thighs. Fortunately,
I have trained my partner to also help me in this, by encouraging him to feel the shape of my thighs. And I still work out to make sure I keep the tone of my thighs. As I work out, I see the space betweenthe legs, the line of the inside thigh and the curve of my buttocks and the shape of the large thigh muscles. Get a hold of an anatomy book or go online so you can see the shape of these beautiful muscles.

Instead of simply doing a squat or lunge, have some fun, by visualizing the curve of your buttocks. See and feel the roundness and voluptuousness of your muscle. Or maybe you want another shape. So PLAY with the image of that shape and see and feel it on your body as you do movements or any exercise.

These days we have so much imagery that makes our bodies feel insufficient. So we have to practice actively holding images and sensations in our minds about our body that are sensual and sexy and tell our body we see and feel it as beautiful.

I also thoroughly recommend outlining the shape of your muscles with your hand and fingers as you are doing exercise movements.People at the gym may think you’re weird – but find subtle ways to insert this into your workouts. You can use more visualization and less touch.Simply by outlining the shape of your bone and muscle, you are reminding your body that it has a “blueprint” of tone, strength, suppleness and beauty – and these assets are enhanced by your mind. Visualizing the shape of your bones and muscle, fat and flesh included, and using the fingers to mark the shape of your anatomy creates a beautiful relationship with yourself – as if you are sculpting your own feeling of beauty in your body. Remember the fact that you have 300 million cells reproducing every day and your mind can influence how those cells feel – at any moment!

SENSUALITY is a skill to help you enjoy your own anatomy – no matter big or small your thighs expand and shrink. Enjoying the shape of your thighs is always a key to remaining sexy in your body, in your imagination and in the imagination of others!