Sensuality in your Dance Workout

One of the luxuries of modern society is having the power to choose.

Choosing how you use your body in your daily life conditions your mind, your personality and your choices. If you work in a factory making parts for a machine – pretty soon you start to feel and move and think like a robot – you shut down your sensuality.
Sitting at a desk and a computer also has a similar effect on the body and mind. In this modern age where our daily physical habits require us to sit at a computer or in front of the television it’s more important to bring more of the human emotional side to our physical workout.

Developing your sensuality expands the quality of your time as a human. The more time you spend doing something mechanical the less of the human emotional needs are developed. Repetitive workouts or working out with machines over and over again can damper your human sensibilities and your spirit for life, diversity and fun.

Dance has the ability to take you straight to the feeling side of the body. When you don’t know any dance routine – the value of dance comes from allowing the body to feel music. Developing sensuality through dance is a way to celebrate the simple pleasures of feeling in the body just like babies and children do.

Somehow as adults we become trained to be unlike our natural childlike self that used to bounce, clap hands and laugh to music or for no reason at all! Adults get serious when it comes to dancing. Thinking you have to know the steps, look good and impress the girl or guy. In reality, dance is an opportunity to feel yourself with pleasure – just like you did when you were a kid.

Developing sensuality as adults leads us to become aware of how to be loving, tender and giving  – to know what pleases us helps us to know or imagine (and be interested in ) pleasing and pleasuring others. Developing better sensual awareness helps us to connect with others more easily, freely and with sensitivity.

Even when you become familiar with the moves of a dance workout – you can always find a new way to feel or connect to a familiar routine when you bring your emotional creativity into the movement.  The intention of dance is to experience moving from our creativity and sensual playfulness. Dance opens up parts of your body that are tight, closed off, tired or just have not been moved in a long time.

The whole importance of Dance throughout all cultures and history is to celebrate joy in the body. The joy of dancing is separate to the thrills and obsessions of sex, eating or other bodily functions. The simplicity of sensual satisfaction that comes from dancing is one of the only ways to reclaim guilt free pleasure in the body.