My partner says I’m selfish

Gina answers your love questions:

What do you do if your partner believes you’re selfish and won’t let go of that perception of you – no matter what you do, say or try??

Very good question!!

The question is why is the partner’s perception that “this individual” is selfish?

What has caused this thought pattern and made it so strong that no matter what is said or done, this thought is not “let go”.

So let’s stay focused on what the meaning of Love is…

It is Unconditional Acceptance… and where do we start?

We always start with the I AM… the SELF.

In a relationship WE forget that our main relationship is the one with SELF, based on this Primary Relationship we then look within and know the confines of who WE TRULY ARE.

When I am comfortable with the relationship with SELF, AM comfortable with ME totally, unconditionally… in this frame of mind than we attract partners whom would see us only as someone that is totally together and beautiful in & out.

The other question I would want to ask is… “Why would I choose to be in relationship with an individual that sees me in such a perceived notion?”

So to answer the first question;

In order for an individual to perceive this, they had to have seen such a behavior. Whether the behavior is true or perceived what’s important, in this instance, are communication skills.

Why not ask the partner “why do you perceive me this way”? Then really listen with an open mind and heart, with no anger or judgment, as this could be a moment of truth as to how others see/perceive us…. whether it’s my truth or not.

The Second question –

Why do I choose to be in a ‘relationship’ with a person that has this perception of me… This brings us to the answer that WE need to look within.

It always comes back to the SELF.

When others make judgments about US, these judgments are their perception… whether we choose to take on another’s reality that’s our CHOICE. If my partner sees me as ‘selfish’ than what behavior AM I creating to allow this person to see me this way… can I truly look at Myself and be totally Honest and accept that others will see me in a different Light that I see myself…. and then be totally comfortable in my skin to accept that this may be their perception and I LOVE MYSELF totally, unconditionally, therefore their perception is their mindset and not mine.

The concept is NOT to change how others see US, but to accept and love ourselves totally, completely… because in doing so ALL will fall into place.

We start loving ourselves more and more and in so doing, others can’t help but love us more and more…. with no judgements.

I send you much LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE….

May the Universe surround you with these Gifts abundantly and may YOU

know the Beauty of WHO YOU are WITHIN…



Goddess Magenta