Marriage or Soul Mate what’s the difference?

Hmmm – do you want to get married or are you looking for a soul mate?

One of the reasons I made this video, is the rising interest people have in ‘finding a soulmate’ – that makes marriage seem a little plain old vanilla and dysfunctional.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with marriage. But the statistics are saying – it’s not a guarantee that you will stay married if you get married. And the statistic is higher for divorce (75%) for 2nd and 3rd marriages.

So what is more attractive, tantalizing or desirable about a soul mate?
Or are we just using the word soul mate to avoid looking at the real meaning of jumping into a committed long-term relationship and the inner work we still need to do – if you are going to be loving and stay with one person!

At 4.00 minutes, I offer the singles looking for love some questions on what to ask yourself if you are looking for long-term or lasting love.

Are you really ready to share yourself one-on-one – or is a group environment better for you before you commit to one relationship.

What is it that you want from this “soul mate”. What are practical details you want from the relationship?

What are they going to discover about you? What are you going to share with them?

A soul mate is not always there to stay as a long-term partner, a soul mate is someone committed to helping you grow – and it can be about heartbreak. A soul mate can also be here to break some illusion about love or about how a partner “should” be for you.

At 7.25 I share different models of relationship that are being developed now because of the greater awareness of soul mates. Some couples who have a deep ‘soul mate’ bond are creating different lifestyles choices such as living in different countries, and it’s important to again consider what are the actual living arrangements you wish to share with your partner. And what freedom do you require to fulfill your lifestyle choices, children and other family or community connections.

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