Is it possible to make any relationship work?

Gina answers your love questions

How do I know when I’m with the wrong guy or girl? Is it possible to make any relationship work?

Very good question for this month….

How do we know if we are with the wrong guy or girl?


Yes, we probably don’t want to hear this answer….

and OF COURSE….  in this Divine moment on this amazing earthly plane..


Please understand that I talk to myself as much as I talk to all of you…”my beloved readers”….  There is no right or wrong… It all JUST IS..

We are experiencing, in the moment, what we need to experience in order for our soul self to grow.  It’s not always easy!!  There will be moments of complete dislike of the self or complete love of the self.  Learn to embrace each moment with an open heart, and always remember to “be good to yourself”.

Is it possible to make any relationship work?

Interesting question as humans are very resourceful.

We can make anything work if we choose it, however if we try to mould a person, or a relationship to fit our needs, it may seem like its working…

but is it?

This is where we need to be totally honest with ourselves and truly ask the question… “Why do I want this specific relationship to work?”

Am I doing it from a needy place or is it what we both feel comfortable and peaceful with?

We always know the answer, deep down in our beautiful inner self, but choose to avoid the answer because the truth, at times, hurts.

Allow yourself to BE…. Explore the Moment…. Feel each feeling… Love yourself always….. and remember that once we connect with ourselves and learn to have a beautiful relationship with our “SELF”, only then can we look at loving others, because in that space you will attract  LOVE….

Love & Light,


Goddess Magenta