How to turn her on

Is it my imagination or have we forgotten the art of foreplay? Or have women made it too easy for a man to get “home base” so men do not try anymore and go straight for the “erogenous zones”. Turning a woman on is through her imagination – mystery, surprise, suggestion, play.
Maybe its the proliferation of porn and the naked body out there. And people have forgotten the power of their imagination and their touch and the good old fashion desire to make your lover feel GOOD.

The good old fashioned way of making a woman feel special – is still special.

As a love and relationship coach I feel compelled to remind people that we are spiritual beings having a glorious, physical experience in this incredible body.

Love is about honoring, worshiping adoring this body. All activities that honor your body, only lead to spiritual grace and joy. Any intimacy you experience is so much better when you feel good about yourself and you are making someone happy because you enjoy their happiness.

If its just physical pleasure – it will give you some satisfaction…but nothing can replace when a woman is totally into her lover and making them feel alive. A man will feel more powerful when a woman is fully in love with herself, able to be vulnerable and fully luscious with him.

What do your fantasies look like?

If you’ve been watching too much tv, porn or images of photoshoped bodies they can be overpowering – and actually science is showing they rewire the pleasure centers of your brain- hell no! We can’t let that happen.

I invite you to go back to some of those first stories and fantasies you enjoyed before you started getting influenced by images you saw online or the screen. What was it that excited you when you first got interested in a girl or a boy. What did that feel like? How were you interested in lighting that person up?

Remember that sensuality is the first thing we crave when we are a child, to be held, touched. And then play is the next thing we do to have fun. Your imagination is the most powerful “screen” where you can write your love story and your sensual universe.

Let your imagination take you back to the first touch where you felt you could begin to explore someone else – and all the pleasure that could bring.