How to Make Real Change with your Body

This post is from guest blogger Brigitte M. Britton, CHN (Certified Holistic Nutritionist) and The MEGA Way founder.
Brigitte was a sugar addict who turned her life around with whole foods, living her dream and sticking to it! I have been a big fan of the megaway shakes because they gave me the nutrients I was lacking from living with hypo-thyroidism. And they gave me BALANCE. A strange thing to describe in your emotions – but emotional balance – may be the most important thing to moving forward in life.

Brigitte shares below about how to make REAL CHANGE with your body and well-being.

Dear Friends,

Are you ready NOW to make a REAL change regarding your health, body & overall well-being? Because I can promise you there are no QUICK fixes that last. The only way to truly SHIFT your health and body is to eat right, eat small portions (your stomach is the size of your fist-small), eat frequently like every 4 hours (this will boost your metabolism), hydrate your body (which helps flush out fat & toxins) and MOVE your butts!

So if you are, below are some great tips to get you started.

1. Wake up and drink 4ozs of hot water with 1 whole lemon squeezed
2. On an empty stomach go for a 20 minute brisk walk breathing deeply & slowly.
3. Have a MEGA WAY Vegan Shake with the liquid vitamins mixed in by HD.
4. Meditate with the attached MP3 even if it’s only for 10 minutes, again breathing deeply & slowly seeing yourself fit, abundant & happy.
5. Make sure you drink at least 4ozs of water every hour.
6. Do not go more than 4 hours without eating something.
7. Think healthy, fit and powerful thoughts about yourself & others.
8. For lunch 4 to 5ozs of lean organic protein with a small organic green salad and ¼ cup of Quinoa.
9. Drink more water and walk another 20 minutes briskly breathing deeply & slowly.
10. Mid-afternoon eat a small, protein based sanck.
11. Dinner same as lunch!
That’s all folks!!

I know that the most important thing I have chosen to change and am sticking to is my daily meditation and subconscious manifesting. It is the 1st thing I do the moment I wake up and it fills me with love, focus and a great sense of peace. I also do it right as I am falling asleep. I know I may sound redundant and yet I will keep repeating this until you all give it at least one try! It’s a gift, free and if you can’t make the time in the morning than listen to it while you are falling asleep at night it will start working on your subconscious creating naturally.

Starting your day focusing on the YOU within enables the outer you to BE the greatness that you are. Being grateful, counting your blessings becoming/living EXACTLY what you wish in each moment is the key because the true power in manifesting all your dreams and desires can only be achieved by BEING all your dreams and desires NOW. Live your life in every moment ALREADY having all that you desire for that is where the true creative power lies in the present.

Respect and honor your body, mind & soul in every moment by eating right, exercising in any form or manner, thinking loving, grateful thoughts, focusing only on the good in others and yourself by keeping your heart and soul open to welcome all the great love that naturally surrounds you for these are our greatest, and true gifts…Know that YOU are loved and cherished in each and every moment by me, your family, friends and a higher power that is within us and all around us. I AM here for all of you anytime you may NEED me you can call me, email me and or text me because I truly do love and honor you all. I would also greatly appreciate any input you may have on these newsletters!!!

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Thank you and remember YOU are the BOSS of you not the food or anyone else!
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