How do you Feel Joy in the Energy Body?

A few years ago (2012) I wrote the book the Body of Love, 10 Steps to Love Yourself and Your Body. I’m now foregrounding a piece of the work that I didn’t realize would clarify exactly how to feel love in the body. That piece is the ENERGY body and how it allows you to naturally connect to joy.

In one of the foundational steps of that program, I share that Joy in the Energy Body is connected to the fountain of energy that resonates from the center or core of the body and fountains out through the heart chakra and then out the top of the head through the crown.

I’ve also referred to this fountain of energy as your “Reservoir of Love” or that constant source of energy that you connect to whenever you do a salute to the sun and feel the energy moving from the earth and up to the sun or when using your hands to move energy from your heart and up to the sky.

The energy in the center of our body that comes from our feet and up the pelvis and torso and through the head is supported and aligned by the forces of gravity and aligns with the electro-magnetic field of the planet. These forces operate unconsciously with us all the time. We spend more time each day working with the electromagnetic forces of earth and field of gravity than any other forces – but we are most of the time oblivious to them – which perhaps makes them more powerful and more important when it comes to aligning to joy.

Joy is actually a dance of your own body’s energy field with the energy field of the planet and the sun. Some people may even includes other planets in the solar system as having an impact on our energy field. But the most basic and powerful for me has been that gravitational pull of the sun as I stand on the earth and feeling the expanse of my own body between the spheres of sun and earth.

Internally, this feeling of joy is a continually pulling and moving up your inner flow of energy (some might call this chi) up your body and up and out through your belly, heart, face and the crown of the top of your head. I’ve never felt chi as distinctly joy or only one particular energy. However, I have felt chi bubble up inside me and literally flow out of my heart or mouth into laughter – and this is what I’m talking about when I feel joy in my body or energy body.

I’m now putting the Body of Love Book into a Program with Practical Body Exercises called the Energy Body of Self-Acceptance Program to share the flow of this core energy in our center channel in the body – because the more I see people rushing about their lives – the more I see they are disconnected from the most powerful source of life within their own body and energy system.

The energy body is not just limited to the physical body. The energy body is the part of us that is both felt in the physical body and moves beyond the physical body. By simply connecting to your energy body and the energy all around you – the earth, gravity, the electromagnetic field of your aura and its relation the electromagnetic field of earth – you have instant access to open to the simplest and easiest path to feeling joy. And it’s the very reason why the ancients devised simple morning routines such as a salute to the sun, stretch like a dog or a good old fashion yawn and scratch and look out the window to see which way the wind or rain or sun is going (ie… not looking at your phone!).

If you are curious about the Energy Body of Self Acceptance Program discover more here.

And stay posted for move events to align your Energy Body to Joy or go outside – open up your arms and face the sun – and feel the expanse of your energy – right now!

You can enjoy a quick movement meditation to ground your energy and expand into joy here: