How do you add value to those you love?

Giving love and being loved is a basic human need.

How do you give to others? And how do you receive affection – or go looking for it.

Humans are naturally programmed to give affection or give of their heart – we can see that through children. But as we grow up – some times the natural process of seeking and giving affection can be ‘interrupted’ by a bad experience and that flavors our interpretation of how we will be received – or not.

In adult relationships, it’s an opportunity to see what my habits, expectations and impulses programmed in your body about receiving and giving from how you were raised.

If you don’t feel comfortable about giving or receiving, you may not VALUE what you give or you may not recognize what you give to others.

It’s so important to SEE where you give Value to your partner – so you can celebrate it – and FOCUS on the great joy that brings you. And re-inforce the natural ways you give value, connection, togetherness and joy to those who actually want you to be valued and appreciated.