How do Women take charge in Love?

Here is Gina’s (aka Goddess Magenta) advice on my question for September:

How does a woman take charge in a relationship? Should I always let a man be “the man”, What does leadership look like for a woman in a relationship?

How does a woman take charge in a relationship? By just being her amazing, loving, beautiful self. By knowing her place and feeling comfortable, confident in that Feminine place… the place of self, nurturing, all allowing Love. Leadership is the role we have as women.

In our Western World, Women are more fortunate because we have a voice.

We are allowed the pleasure of being who We ARE.. What does that mean?  It means allowing Women the Freedom TO BE the essence of pure love, to come from the heart, to be the “glue” which holds a family together.  Leadership in a relationship is to ALLOW your Partner to be the person they are, not wanting to change that person in any way to suit our needs.  To support our loved ones to be able to express themselves to us in a ‘safe environment’.

A true Leader knows how to support others to grow, to become more of who they are and to do this from a place of Heart, Love, Nurturing. In this same context, yes we Allow the Man or the Partner to be who they are.

How would we feel about having another person not Allow US who we are, not to allow us to shine?  Even though it happens, as human nature at times becomes egotistical, we need to remember that each of us are Uniquely Different, and we Need to Celebrate our differences as within this celebration of allowing each of us to be Who We ARE… We all come together and celebrate those differences and realize just how amazing the feeling of loving and allowing truly is. Let the Man be ‘the man’ and celebrate this by knowing that he feels safe in this relationship environment so he will allow “the woman” to be who she is in her true Goddess Essence.

Love & Light Gina Goddess Magenta