Delicious Evolution – 2014, time to have fun!

December 2012 marked the beginning of the “new era”. So what is the new era? It’s when we shift out of old ways of being, thinking and relating. The new era is creating the love that we want and the relationships we want and we move away from guilt, sacrifice, people pleasing to TRUE interdependence, where we can honor the sacred individuality of each other, men, woman, child, animal and mineral.

2014 is the year we get to really sink our teeth in and start playing with all the new possibilities and problems that opened up in 2013.

In 2014, we don’t have time to hold onto the old ways, because we are too busy having fun and experimenting with the new ways. In some ways the delicious evolution of the new era will probably give us a slight “attention deficit disorder” version of reality where we are too distracted by the new things to get too worried about the old things.

2013 was the year of what do we now that the world didn’t end? A lot of our resistance to change came up. A lot of emotions we were not aware of came up to be seen. And a lot of relationships came to an end because they simply did not serve the new person we were becoming. 2013 was about taking away the foundation of anything that was not supporting you to move forward into your TRUE self. And part of that was painful because we saw the illusions of what we thought we are and…we didn’t know how to let go!

This year, you will find that circumstances will help you let go, without you even trying!

February 4th also hailed in the year of the horse.

Hold onto your horses.

2014 is the year you can really sink your teeth into what it is you want to create. This is what I mean by delicious evolution. You get to be the chef in your own kitchen this year and you get to taste the rewards of your labors. And you won’t have to wait long to see the results of your manifestations. In 2014, either you are creating the life that you want or you are watching someone else getting the prize. Its up to you, be on the sidelines or jump into the race.

Many new ideas will take off quickly this year that were bubbling and brewing in 2013. And relationships will face challenges of being threatened and dissolving more rapidly than we have seen before. Simply because there is zero tolerance for holding back the reins on the free spirit of people! Think about how horses have been trained to listen to human demands. People, like wild horses, will resent being told what to do, but will still see how they can ride with the pack.

What happened for you last year in 2013? Disasters? Personal ones or natural ones. How did you respond to those disasters? If you are still picking up the pieces, then spend a little time considering how you can create some magic in the kitchen, despite the mess or pile of dishes. When things are dismal, take a step back and think how can I be creative here, rather than get bogged down in the mess. People will not be smearing your nose in your so called disasters, because they will be too busy trying to make up their mind about which direction to go.

So what do you want to create this year?

And even if you are sitting on the sidelines, don’t be surprised if you rise up off your seat hailing and cheering and getting excited by the opportunities being opened up by others who are pioneering the new ways of being.

Its time to get delicious and get into the fun of creating, being and evolving who you are without a second thought about what others will say.