Criticism can you handle it?

How to respond back when someone is critical of you.

This episode is from the Building Better Relationships Podcast with Angela and Patti which you can listen to by clicking here or on the player.

In this episode, Angela and Patti will be exploring criticism and how to respond without it overtaking your emotions.

When we thought about this topic we wanted to from the point of view of how you handle being criticized in your personal relationships as well as in your work environment.

Some say that millennials and Gen Z are more sensitive and don’t respond proactively to criticism but instead get demotivated by criticism.  So if you’re a millennial or anyone actually, we’d love to hear your point of view.  

  1. How do you feel about criticism? 
  2. Do you want it reframed in positive language?  
  3. Can you handle someone saying they don’t like something about what you did? 
  4. Can you distinguish between criticism about something you did or said versus criticism about you personally? 
  5. Do you find that older generations language is phrased in a critical way that doesn’t suit you? Please let us know.

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Patti shares her experiences on handing criticism in the workplace and Angela shares how we react from past perceptions of ourselves when we get criticised. And together, Patti and Angela share how to move beyond your emotions to work out what’s the upshot of receiving criticism and some tips on how to dish out constructive criticism to others.