Communicating love without the mixed messages

Gina answers your love questions:

How do we communicate our intentions of love & make sure they are received with the intention we “EXPECT”

My answer is actually very simple… you see LOVE is SIMPLE, so easy and wonderful and LOVE BEGINS WITH YOU!!!

Every relationship improves when you love yourself and LIVE with the awareness of YOUR LOVE.

We, All of us, are made for Love, and it starts by loving ourselves first. We always have a choice and if we love ourselves, we choose LOVE. So this Valentines Day, and every day, lets start the day by looking at ourselves in the mirror and saying out loud…”I LOVE ME”… the ME being the I AM, the beautiful persona we are… by connecting with the wondrous Being We are within then we firstly communicate our intentions of love to ourselves and we will ensure that these are met with a ‘HUGE’ YES.. I AM beautiful, I AM amazing, I AM all that there is… because WE ARE… We were created with Divine Love…

Therefore knowing that we are Love, total, beautiful, fulfilled Love, when we express such to others from our Heart… then we do without expectations of what others will say or do, as WE already know we are loved within.

Allow your feelings to shine forth and others can only be attracted to that beautiful Love Light and their heart will feel the same as we do…. but if at times the other person responds with a non loving feeling, then know they are in a place of not knowing themselves how to love their SELVES and it is not because of YOU/US… it is their own inner feelings.

We have choice and Free Will, so in this case, we have a choice to acknowledge their low Love Energy and share Ours or WE may choose to allow them the opportunity to feel as they are as it is THEIR prerogative and most importantly THEIR JOURNEY…

IT ALL STARTS WITH US!!!! We are Love, WE are Divine, We are Infinite, We are all there is… WE ARE!!!!

I LOVE YOU ALL, always … unconditionally and totally…

Blessings of Love, Light and Peace…


Goddess Magenta