Can’t Stand your partner’s family?

What do you do when you can’t stand your partner’s family?

This is a difficult one because, in essence, your partner and his family are genetically connected, so if you don’t like their family, what is it about them that you also don’t like in your partner?

Now this isn’t a ‘fair’ question, but my darlings, nothing in life truly is.

The idea is to find a common ground, in other words, find something about the family you DO LIKE. There has to be something you totally like about the family, and put your FOCUS on this Loving place.

Instead of coming from a place of  “I can’t stand your family”…

come from a place of heart and say “I like these qualities about your family”…

Know that when you attack your partner’s family, to some extent you also attack your partner.  These are the people your partner has known all their lives, therefore in their eyes, they are normal…. almost ‘perfect’.  Your partner won’t see their family the same manner as you do.

So be kind, be precious and come from a place of heart …… and remember… They must be special for creating the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE”…

Love & Light..

Gina Goddess Magenta