Balancing your needs with your partner’s needs

If you are in a committed relationship, you often fall into habits or conditioned responses of expecting your partner to sacrifice their needs for what you want – or vice versa!

The video shares how we have adopted sacrificing our needs or expecting our partner to do what we want – often from watching our parents.
However, having a laugh about how you are like your parents – can help you to have a different response!
Angela shares her own example of the bread crumbs left by her partner that drive her crazy!
And she even makes her partner leaves the crumbs so she can feel her body convulse with the old fears of upsetting her mother who had made everyone terrified at the possibility of crumbs being left on the table!
The video also looks at how not to pull at other’s needs – but instead find or create (if you haven’t one)
–  a vision of what supports and inspires both of you about the relationship.
A vision of what inspires both of you about the relationship is the best way to make the tug of war over who’s getting their way – a lot more fun! And it may need to be adjusted – depending on what dramas or tough spots you have encountered in the relationship – in order to give the relationship – new juice and invention of what can be possible.

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