Dream Dance

In this class we listen to what your intuition is asking you to bring into your life.

We begin with body-mind awareness so you can tap into the messages and rhythms of your body and let any useless, old and unwanted energies move out of your body.

After freeing the body, we allow creative space for the body to dream its way of being.

No dance experience is necessary as this is a way to explore your intuitive knowing through the body and you have no-one else to impress except yourself.

This class helps to bring your dreams in alignment with your natural energy so that your intentions can flow into your life without the conscious mind interfering, editing or holding you back.

We use pens, paper and colored markers to explore words, symbols and messages coming through your body and from your higher self.

Contact angela@dancewithangela.com or

612 8006 4467 in Sydney

to arrange a class in your location