What is Spiritual Healing?

There’s quite a bit of mystery surrounding Spiritual Healing. What is it? How does it work? And how do you know if you need Spiritual Healing?

My first introduction to the term Spiritual Healing was by accident. I was having a session channeled by a spiritual counselor and the message in the reading was that some people will be coming to me for healing, and that healing is not just physical but also on the spiritual level as well. That reading was in 2007 when I was developing my dance education and therapy practice and (at the time) I did not quite understand why people who would be coming to dance would also be looking for spiritual healing.

I had always come to dance to uplift my spirit. If you think about why people dance, they often desire to be FREE. People dance to feel all of themselves. People also dance to get exercise and be fit and healthy.

Let’s put all three elements together:

being healthy,

desire to be FREE and

feeling all of yourself.

This is a pretty clear explanation of what the spirit in us is looking for and a great basis for happiness which is the true source of spiritual growth. If you are happy, truly happy, you can share a great deal of love, joy and other fantastic things with everyone around you – no matter what walk of life you are in.

So Spiritual Healing is simply aligning all parts of yourself to be healthy, free and feel all of yourself integrated to create whatever you desire in your life. And for some of us, it’s aligning to a life purpose. So if we are aligned and feel all parts of ourselves, our purpose can flow easily and clearly in our lives.

Spiritual Healing looks at bringing back into balance any part of us that is not aligned with that sense of freedom and feeling all parts of ourselves. Your emotions, thoughts or physicality could be out of balance and this points to something not being aligned with the freedom of your spirit.

On the spiritual level, all things are flowing and clear. It’s our thoughts, emotions and bodies that are often experiencing the challenges of the real world where things are not going according to plan. In particular our relationships with others are daily challenges where we may not see things go according to plan or our desires. Relationships play a special role in teaching us how to be more connected to our sense of ourselves spiritually and how to manage emotions and communication so we can still be free to be who we are and encourage others with the same opportunity to be who they are too.

The big lesson I got about what Spiritual Healing is, was in 2010 when I started meditating daily with the soul.
Not only do we have emotions that are connected to what we experience everyday, but the soul also carries feelings and beliefs and experiences. And sometimes these feelings come up to be healed. Spiritual Healing addresses old feelings or patterns of the soul that prevent us from being free, healthy and feeling all of who we are.

Spiritual Healing is clarifying when our soul needs healing and when the other parts of us need to be brought back into alignment. You don’t have to start with the soul, to heal the soul. But when you engage on the journey of spiritual healing, you will definitely encounter where your soul is trying to get your atttention and communicate with you how you can begin your path to greater freedom, joy and feeling more of who you truly are and how to share that with those in your world.