Getting caught up on a connection that can’t last

When I had a relationship where we did get on but I realized it couldn’t last – it catapulted me into the biggest shock and growth experience I ever had in adult love.

I couldn’t work out WHY the relationship had to end if we did actually have a connection and ‘something good’.

As a result I was forced to connect to something deep within me that got me to see – I am not defined by that relationship and I am not limited as a person because the relationship “failed” or didn’t last.

If you have experienced a breakup, divorce or loss of a love you can probably relate.

And I encourage you to know that even though you may feel you are losing a part of yourself, you are also being given an opportunity to recognize how much more you are – because you are being challenged to throw away old understandings of yourself – or how things ‘should’ be.

By losing a connection – and my hang up with the connection – I stepped into what now is a so much better version of myself and I also stepped into calling in a relationship that truly meets the freedom I need to be me – and honor the type of true love I want to bring to my partner and create with my partner.

In the video, I share the cycle of destructive thoughts I went through in trying to let go of that person and the relationship. And I hope it inspires you if you’re going through that cycle of loss – there is light at the end.

If you are looking for a transformational journey to change the way you look at loss, yourself and step into the NEW way of doing you and your relationships, then talk to me about the Transformed Relationships Program.

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