Energy Body of Self Acceptance Program

~ An at home program to remove your obstacles to a true deep an abiding love of yourself and others.

This Energy Body program has kinaesthetic tools for you to feel and listen to your body so that you become aware of your inner power to shape your beliefs about yourself.

Put Your Relationship with yourself as a priority and discover a simple energy system with movement and exercises that empower you to accept yourself, overcome old habits and discover what love is that allows self acceptance to happen effortlessly.

If you have struggled with feeling good about yourself, feeling enough and having natural joy in your body its quite likely that you are still operating by neural pathways that have become habitual.

This Program, The Energy Body of Self-Acceptance will give you new practices to feel and engage and explore your body that teach you new habits of self appreciation, self awareness and self expansion. You will learn what it IS to expand your energy and share this with yourself and others.

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