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This is about falling in love with you. Dance with Angela is about loving your body through understanding the power of your ENERGY bodyWe give you the classes, books, body wisdom of the energy body and movement meditations that let you fall in love with your body and discover natural joy that lives inside you – just waiting to come out.

The most important love story is YOU – falling in love with you and every part of yourself. Falling in love with you is more than your body, it’s your personality, your gifts, your emotions and re-learning how to enjoy yourself. A lot of the world has stopped you from owning your joy. Dance with Angela looks at where life has become dull and lets it sparkle again.

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  • What is Betrayal here to teach us?

What is Betrayal here to teach us?

  • December 4th, 2018

Transcript of Video Below

Hi I’m Angela, this video is about what is betrayal here to teach us.
So if you’ve […]

  • Celebrating what your Parents Gave you

Celebrating what your Parents Gave you

  • November 3rd, 2018

Transcript of the Video

I’m Angela and this video is part of the Healthy Relationship series. And it’s called “Celebrating […]


Wonderful – I gained a whole new insight into my body movement. Loved concentrating on specific body areas and moving them.I learned more in this time than in any other class and instruction I have been exposed to in the past.
Tara, FL
Best I have encountered! Makes a real connection to space and all of the Body – how they both move. Energy connection to others and self. I can close eyes and let my body and the space around me dance together Thank you so much!
Bonnie, FL

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