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How can Coaching help?

Dance with Angela combines body awareness with the management and permanent clearing of self esteem and body issues.

Angela combines tools for loving and listening to the body with Life Coaching so we can resolve the body-mind problem, where we separate our hearts from our minds and work against the body rather than with it.

If you do not believe you deserve happiness, success or even pleasure in your body – it’s impossible to manifest all those things you desire! Coaching finds the source of unresolved emotions and harmful thinking patterns and stops those patterns operating in your life.

When you really know and love who you are, in your body, and you don’t judge who you are, others are magnetized to that natural joy and your relationships become a place of pleasure and possibility.

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“Angela, you have been the beacon I needed to find my light source that was so hidden in plain view.  I was burned out. There was clutter everywhere in my life consisting of unfinished projects in and about my life.  My job was unfulfilling along with my intimate relationships.  I was disappointed when people didn’t live up to my expectations or didn’t give me the response I sought.  I was disconnected from God, myself and everyone else. But as much as I tried to right myself, I couldn’t.

From our 1st session, I knew you were the right person for me.  You explained how you work a lot with the heart to bring greater awareness to it.  You continuously offered new ways of thinking during our sessions.  You helped me to get in touch with my emotions and to recognize what I wanted to do.  You continuously had me seek connection with my inner self to get answers to what really mattered in my life and what was keeping me stuck. You gave me options to work on between our sessions that engaged my everyday life into a more fulfilling life.

Thank you for holding the key that unlocked the door to the love of my life. GOD!”

Ms Daniel NY