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The freedom to be fat

I’ve just returned from Egypt and fell IN LOVE with the white cheese over there – even though I’ve been trying to avoid cheese for the last 15 years – due to lactose intolerance and trying to lose weight or at best “keep my figure”.

The funny thing is I still lost weight while I […]

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Sensuality for Women – Exercise 1

So if you sat through my first video – thank you!
I pre-empt the exercise with some more information about how I came to feel so much through the dance and ultimately connected to my emotions as a woman. The exercise at the end of the video will give you a feel for some of […]

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The Joy of Sensuality for Women

The Importance of Sensuality for Women is that it connects to their innate desire to EXPERIENCE and EXPRESS – LOVE!

You may call me romantic – and you would be right. Sexually and Sensually,  women are hard-wired or should I say heart-wired when it comes to love. They need an emotional stimulus to be moved […]

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Media body image makes men feel “not enough”

Research from Jennifer Aubrey a leading researcher of media effects on body image at the University of Missouri-Columbia looks at the effect of male magazines on college-age men.
Here’s what Science Daily Article:”Surprisingly, Female Models Have Negative Effect On Men” reports:
“Aubrey found that the cultural expectation for men is not that they have to be […]

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