The Importance of Touch

I watched the panic in my friend’s eyes when her newborn child made first contact with this world. “Quick! Put the baby on your chest. Make sure she gets skin contact”. Sure enough, her husband was already cradling the babe on his chest at peace with the miracle of holding life in his arms. […]

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Sexy in your Sweatpants

My thighs seem to be larger this month and I found a great way to feel sexy. Wear figure hugging sweatpants and enjoy the shape of my thighs. A part of sensual dance is enjoying the shape of your thighs and legs and the strength of the leg bones and voluptuousness of the thighs. […]

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Sensuality for Women – Exercise 1

So if you sat through my first video – thank you!
I pre-empt the exercise with some more information about how I came to feel so much through the dance and ultimately connected to my emotions as a woman. The exercise at the end of the video will give you a feel for some of […]

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