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When love is there but the sex is gone

Gina answers your love questions.

I still love my partner but we just don’t have sex anymore, what do I do?

They don’t seem to have a problem with the lack of sex either!

This question arises more questions…

One needs to understand that there are many different reasons why people choose not to have sex anymore…. […]

Is it possible to make any relationship work?

Gina answers your love questions
How do I know when I’m with the wrong guy or girl? Is it possible to make any relationship work?
Very good question for this month….

How do we know if we are with the wrong guy or girl?


Yes, we probably don’t want to hear this answer….

and OF COURSE….  […]

Sensual Dance Everyday Exercise – space between the feet.

Is Sensuality something you can lose? Maybe we need to practice Sensuality to become better at everything we do as humans. After all the pleasure in our body is a gift!

By starting with the space between the feet here is an exercise to recreate sensuality in the inside of your body. Find the parts […]