Positive Body Image

How Loving Bodies make Love

The mystery of love is simpler if you experience a body feeling totally safe and sensually aroused with pure joy. When a body is a loving body, there is the physical sensing of whether there is trust with a person and their touch. Trust is more than a verbal or emotional agreement. Trust is […]

Sexy in your Sweatpants

My thighs seem to be larger this month and I found a great way to feel sexy. Wear figure hugging sweatpants and enjoy the shape of my thighs. A part of sensual dance is enjoying the shape of your thighs and legs and the strength of the leg bones and voluptuousness of the thighs. […]

Breast Cancer and Breast Implants. Will the real breast please stand up!

So it’s Breast Cancer Awareness time again. More women are being diagnosed with cancer and heart related diseases, which prompted me to question –
Why is there an increase of tumors and disease around the emotional center of the heart?
Then I thought, how strange that a higher number of women are opting for breast implants […]