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How to turn her on

Is it my imagination or have we forgotten the art of foreplay? Or have women made it too easy for a man to get “home base” so men do not try anymore and go straight for the “erogenous zones”. Turning a woman on is through her imagination – mystery, surprise, suggestion, play.
Maybe its the […]

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Women’s Bodies are where we start real change

Women’s Bodies seem to be getting a major hit from media coverage these days. The latest I’ve heard is there are blogs that promote how it is cool to be anorexic. These blogs promote an obsession with top hollywood star’s diminishing bodies as a form of worship or adulation for fans who wish to […]

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The Importance of Touch

I watched the panic in my friend’s eyes when her newborn child made first contact with this world. “Quick! Put the baby on your chest. Make sure she gets skin contact”. Sure enough, her husband was already cradling the babe on his chest at peace with the miracle of holding life in his arms. […]

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Attract Your Ideal Body with Sensuality and Dance

Your ideal body needs sensuality. You need to feel, imagine and get to know your “ideal self” in a physically satisfying body, so moving towards your goal becomes a pleasurable experience. So how do you “flesh” out and sensually make real your ideal self?

Whenever you can, take time to make a little luxury fantasy […]

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How Loving Bodies make Love

The mystery of love is simpler if you experience a body feeling totally safe and sensually aroused with pure joy. When a body is a loving body, there is the physical sensing of whether there is trust with a person and their touch. Trust is more than a verbal or emotional agreement. Trust is […]

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The freedom to be fat

I’ve just returned from Egypt and fell IN LOVE with the white cheese over there – even though I’ve been trying to avoid cheese for the last 15 years – due to lactose intolerance and trying to lose weight or at best “keep my figure”.

The funny thing is I still lost weight while I […]

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Sexy in your Sweatpants

My thighs seem to be larger this month and I found a great way to feel sexy. Wear figure hugging sweatpants and enjoy the shape of my thighs. A part of sensual dance is enjoying the shape of your thighs and legs and the strength of the leg bones and voluptuousness of the thighs. […]

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Giving with your Body

What do you think about when you hear the words “giving with your body”. The perception that giving with the body is a sexual thing dismisses how we give with our body every day. Dancers give with their body all the time and that’s not only a sexual energy, it is life-force energy. […]

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Can Dance Improve Our Relationships?

There is a universal language of touch and non-verbal communication that is explored through creative dance. Dance satisfies the senses through movement, play with the body and play with others.  What I found is that neglected children display sensory seeking behaviors. Why is a child starved of human affection, touch and positive attention so […]

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Body Image – the Oldest Profession.

A woman’s body image is something that has been on sale since before the rise of modern media. The beautifully illustrated “Changing Bodies, Changing Meanings” explores at the emotional and experiential aspect of the body in Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome.
The writer D. Montserrat looks at how different body images reflect the way cultures […]

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