There are two circumstances you may typically dream of your ex:

1. you’ve had a recent break-up – and you are processing hurt

2. it’s been a long time since you’ve departed from your ex – and they are coming in a symbolic form to trigger awareness about unfinished business or a new understanding of why they came into your life.

Dreaming is a safe place to uncover why ex-partners are part of your life.

If you wish to learn more about the reason you attract someone without only feeling upset about the person, following your dreams and using a journal to write the dreams is a very practical way to see the bigger picture of why a person was in your life.

Our dream state is not so attached to making things picture perfect.

And your dreams hold the keys to learning why a relationship happened – and releasing feelings that keep you stuck.

The Video shares more on how these 2 circumstances of dreaming of your Ex can be less painful – when you look at why the Ex came into your life.

You may not keep an ex in your life, but the meaning of why they are in life will re-surface in dreams, so you can finally make peace, understand, let go of hurt or even celebrate that they came into your life to give you meaning to why the relationship was in your life – and why the relationship also left your life.

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