Sensuality and Dance

brings your senses into heightened awareness through dance and sensuality

How to turn her on

Is it my imagination or have we forgotten the art of foreplay? Or have women made it too easy for a man to get “home base” so men do not try anymore and go straight for the “erogenous zones”. Turning a woman on is through her imagination – mystery, surprise, suggestion, play.
Maybe its the […]

When you want it…but he doesn’t

When you want more “sex” than he wants, it does not merely reflect your issues in the bedroom or your sex-life.
Issues about not having the sex or intimacy you want start outside the bedroom and go back to thinking we can’t get what we want in our love life.

Love is much more than sex. […]

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Love is the Essential Truth of your Body

What makes us want to dance? What makes us want to love?

I’ve been quoted as saying “Joy is the Essential truth of Movement”.

But how does this joy help me love and make me want to love deeply, completely?

I first discovered deep joy in my body when I was a child dancing. It was like […]

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Delicious Evolution – 2014, time to have fun!

December 2012 marked the beginning of the “new era”. So what is the new era? It’s when we shift out of old ways of being, thinking and relating. The new era is creating the love that we want and the relationships we want and we move away from guilt, sacrifice, people pleasing to TRUE […]

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Sensual Dance Everyday Exercise – space between the feet.

Is Sensuality something you can lose? Maybe we need to practice Sensuality to become better at everything we do as humans. After all the pleasure in our body is a gift!

By starting with the space between the feet here is an exercise to recreate sensuality in the inside of your body. Find the parts […]

Sensuality for Women – Exercise 1

So if you sat through my first video – thank you!
I pre-empt the exercise with some more information about how I came to feel so much through the dance and ultimately connected to my emotions as a woman. The exercise at the end of the video will give you a feel for some of […]

The Joy of Sensuality for Women

The Importance of Sensuality for Women is that it connects to their innate desire to EXPERIENCE and EXPRESS – LOVE!

You may call me romantic – and you would be right. Sexually and Sensually,  women are hard-wired or should I say heart-wired when it comes to love. They need an emotional stimulus to be moved […]

Belly Dance Costume Classic and Contemporary

Sensuality in your Dance Workout

One of the luxuries of modern society is having the power to choose.

Choosing how you use your body in your daily life conditions your mind, your personality and your choices. If you work in a factory making parts for a machine – pretty soon you start to feel and move and think like a […]

The power of Breath, Music and a Dance Workout

How you breathe changes the way the body stores energy. Working out with dance you breath differently from any other workout or physical activity. When my brother started salsa dancing, his asthma problems disappeared and he felt alive again. Often with asthma, physical exercise can cause attacks, but instead he found dance was alleviating […]