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Dreaming of your Ex. What does it mean

There are two circumstances you may typically dream of your ex:

1. you’ve had a recent break-up – and you are processing hurt

2. it’s been a long time since you’ve departed from your ex – and they are coming in a symbolic form to trigger awareness about unfinished business or a new understanding of why […]

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Getting caught up on a connection that can’t last

When I had a relationship where we did get on but I realized it couldn’t last – it catapulted me into the biggest shock and growth experience I ever had in adult love.

I couldn’t work out WHY the relationship had to end if we did actually have a connection and ‘something good’.

As a result […]

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How do you add value to those you love?

Giving love and being loved is a basic human need.

How do you give to others? And how do you receive affection – or go looking for it.

Humans are naturally programmed to give affection or give of their heart – we can see that through children. But as we grow up – some times the […]

Shame of being Unlovable

Underneath shame is the story that you are not lovable – enough.
This story of shame and not being lovable is held in our sense of self and image of our body.
And it becomes stored in the layers of our body and actually stops us from sharing our body freely. Shame literally gets programmed into the […]

How can you invite unconditional love into your relationship?

If it’s not about being perfect – what is unconditional love?
Humans weren’t designed to be perfect!
Could there be a clue in our imperfections that lead us to find….
unconditional love?

Explore this possibility with some humor…and you could find a whole new way of enjoying
what your momma and the universe gave ya!

Join me August 19 for […]

Taking Risks in Love – what are we afraid of?

People are more afraid to step into commitment these days because they want to have guarantees that they won’t get hurt – or that the relationship will last.

However, if we look at what we are afraid of and the steps required to address those fears – we could actually go deeper in relationships.

This videos looks […]