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Angela's journey as a teacher and coach is through sharing embodied meditation with individuals and groups to *feel* love in their bodies again, and throwing away old thoughts and feelings that stir up shame or running away from the "uncomfortable stuff." Angela's personal story is that she went through a lot of self-hate and felt like a loser as she went through break up after break up. But, when Angela found her current partner and her deep connection to her self, she found how she could be the creator of love in her life!

Balancing your Emotions

When our emotions are OUT of balance – we feel overwhelm and we may be used to being out of balance.

You may not actually recognize when you are in balance.

Learning how to be with your emotions – is acknowledging that you may not be complete, you may not know exactly who you are.

There is […]

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What is Togetherness and how it feeds our desire to love

What creates true love, intimacy, depth and meaning?

One of the things that works against success in relationships, is that we have ideas, expectations and beliefs about how the relationship “should” be – and we miss the opportunity the relationship provides to truly be WITH someone and get to know them.

Togetherness – is the “how” […]

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Using the Tablet instead of Touch?

Are you touching your tablet more than your partner?

The ‘third man’ in the bedroom in modern relationships is an electronic device!

If you are looking for emotional intimacy and physical intimacy and finding a “device” is getting in the way, then it is usually replacing the human need for skin to skin touch.

In modern relationships, […]

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How to Make Real Change with your Body

This post is from guest blogger Brigitte M. Britton, CHN (Certified Holistic Nutritionist) and The MEGA Way founder.
Brigitte was a sugar addict who turned her life around with whole foods, living her dream and sticking to it! I have been a big fan of the megaway shakes because they gave me the nutrients […]

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Marriage or Soul Mate what’s the difference?

Hmmm – do you want to get married or are you looking for a soul mate?

One of the reasons I made this video, is the rising interest people have in ‘finding a soulmate’ – that makes marriage seem a little plain old vanilla and dysfunctional.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with marriage. But the […]

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What does Honoring your Partner mean?

If you are in a committed relationship or looking to build a committed relationship, when you have your definition of the behaviors, thoughts, feelings and attitudes required to honor someone’s journey – then you can actually attract and build on that personal definition.
What does “honor your partner” mean to you?
The marriage vows of ‘love, honor and obey’ […]

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The key to change is your Desire to do so

This post is from guest bloggerBrigitte M. Britton, CHN (Certified Holistic Nutritionist) and The MEGA Way founder.

Brigitte was a sugar addict who turned her life around with whole foods, living her dream and sticking to it! I have been a big fan of the megaway shakes because they gave me the nutrients I was lacking […]

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Dreaming of your Ex. What does it mean

There are two circumstances you may typically dream of your ex:

1. you’ve had a recent break-up – and you are processing hurt

2. it’s been a long time since you’ve departed from your ex – and they are coming in a symbolic form to trigger awareness about unfinished business or a new understanding of why […]

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Balancing your needs with your partner’s needs

If you are in a committed relationship, you often fall into habits or conditioned responses of expecting your partner to sacrifice their needs for what you want – or vice versa!

The video shares how we have adopted sacrificing our needs or expecting our partner to do what we want – often from watching our parents.
However, […]

Being vulnerable with responsibility to self

When I talk about self-responsibility in a relationship – it’s about finding the words that will explain what you’re feeling or what you’re feeling vulnerable about.

In a relationship, any relationship, where you want to discuss something where you feel uncomfortable, feel vulnerable or want to share something that’s not working for you in a […]

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