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Angela's journey as a teacher and coach is through sharing embodied meditation with individuals and groups to *feel* love in their bodies again, and throwing away old thoughts and feelings that stir up shame or running away from the "uncomfortable stuff." Angela's personal story is that she went through a lot of self-hate and felt like a loser as she went through break up after break up. But, when Angela found her current partner and her deep connection to her self, she found how she could be the creator of love in her life!

How you can be beautiful for your partner

Beauty is not perfection.

But feeling we are not perfect or that somehow we must strive to be something we can never be – will always creates structures and habits in your life that prevents real beauty to happen in your relationship.

This video shares what to focus on instead of trying to be perfect.

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Love moves Humanity Forward

Check out this podcast with Nat Viglione from DISRUPT NOW

There is a lot of awareness of how relationships are breaking up and not working more and more these days (think divorce and that rate jumping up and up and up).

There’s a significant focus on what we are without, but what about the love? […]

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How to turn her on

Is it my imagination or have we forgotten the art of foreplay? Or have women made it too easy for a man to get “home base” so men do not try anymore and go straight for the “erogenous zones”. Turning a woman on is through her imagination – mystery, surprise, suggestion, play.
Maybe its the […]

3 Ways to Move on from Toxic Relationships

Hear the part of you that is crazy, repetitive and destructive

Don’t keep pushing your crap under the carpet.

Half the time we live in agony because we are fearful of facing our doo-doo and think somehow if we avoid it – it will go away – it won’t.

When you accept your mess without trying […]

When you want it…but he doesn’t

When you want more “sex” than he wants, it does not merely reflect your issues in the bedroom or your sex-life.
Issues about not having the sex or intimacy you want start outside the bedroom and go back to thinking we can’t get what we want in our love life.

Love is much more than sex. […]

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Love is the Essential Truth of your Body

What makes us want to dance? What makes us want to love?

I’ve been quoted as saying “Joy is the Essential truth of Movement”.

But how does this joy help me love and make me want to love deeply, completely?

I first discovered deep joy in my body when I was a child dancing. It was like […]

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Passion in a Relationship – Its Importance

What puts a dampener on your relationship? Nothing is worse than feeling “here we go again”, feeling the relationship is going over the same territory without a way out.

A lot of us can’t find joy in our partner because we become comfortable with routine and then we get dissatisfied with that routine as if […]

Why is it hard to talk about intimacy?

Why is it hard to talk about intimacy?
Very few of us agree on what intimacy actually means. What comes to mind when you think of intimacy? For some it’s a sexual closeness, for others it’s sharing emotionally and for others it’s a sense of feeling safe with someone. Intimacy is hard to talk about […]

When your partner can’t hear your emotions

In my family I was the black sheep, the odd one out and they didn’t understand me, I used to question why they thought the way they did. They said I was too sensitive. I was too vulnerable. I used to talk to myself but somehow I knew this behavior wasn’t acceptable to others, […]

Delicious Evolution – 2014, time to have fun!

December 2012 marked the beginning of the “new era”. So what is the new era? It’s when we shift out of old ways of being, thinking and relating. The new era is creating the love that we want and the relationships we want and we move away from guilt, sacrifice, people pleasing to TRUE […]

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